Calling all community members: New SmartApp Ideas

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Thanks, any provision for running too long?

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This could be written in. That’s definitely a good idea :slight_smile: It’s on the list!

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Great, sometimes the float gets stuck.

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@tslagle13 what a very nice idea. Thank you. I have an idea but I am not ready to put it into production yet. At some point I would love to automate my whole house fan. It would have to looks something like this. If it is below X degrees outside and windows X and X are open,(and some more parameters- like between the hours of, or in X mode) turn on whole house fan. I know that this is more than the normal two steps so I don’t know if it is doable… and I still need to get an electrician and add a switch to my WHF ( it is only remote right now)

PS I am not a coder and would not know where to begin with something like this. :smile:


I would love an app similar to this one:

but I want it to turn on some Hues to yellow if there is a thunderstorm watch in my area, pulse yellow if there’s a thunderstorm warning, glow red if there’s a tornado watch, and pulse red if there’s a tornado warning. Basically, I want my house to be the starship Enterprise if there is severe weather.

I’m not yet up to the skill level to make this work.

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Working with @ehoffman73 and @Dave on some thermostat apps too!


There is an existing whole house fan smartapp, I don’t know how close it is to what you want. #7 under Green Living.

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@JDRoberts thank you however, it will not work for me. My WHF requires that so many windows be open for the cool air exchange. If it came on and I do not have the windows open it would burn out the motor… quickly. The extra options of windows being open to turn on would be a safety for me.


Tim is the MAN! He hooked me up with some great code!
Next one will be a little more of a challenge! :smile:


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Three new apps from this thread already!!!

Updated sump pump check to sump pump monitor (see above)

HVAC Fan Power Allowance:
Restrict the maximum time you can run the fan on your HVAC system. When the fan is turned on manually this will turn the fan back to auto after a customizable amount of time.

HVAC Fan Director:
Automate your fan from “On” to “Auto” based on the temperature difference between two temp sensors in your home. Helps even out the temperature of your home without turning on the AC/Heat

Honeywell Smart Wi-Fi Thermostat Compatibility

My alarm must be set to “stay” vs “away” if the Roomba is to clean the floors while the house is vacant. Would be sweet if there was a way to communicate Roomba action that could temporarily switch the alarm status to toggle the motion sensor.
I realize the Roomba doesn’t send any signals on its own, but I am sure there is a way to accomplish this via another sensor or scheduling.

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Can you elaborate on this?


Tim, are you ready for my more challenging app request??? :smile:

This one bugs me a lot and for a long time, I think several other users would like this one as well. I have two DLink DCS930L video cameras, each powered by a smart power outlet. Cameras turn ON when I leave home (mode Away Day or Away Night) and turn OFF when I return home.

Seems like a waste to use the smart power outlets for this reason, we should be able to control the camera directly. Either camera power on or off or just the motion detection on or off.

My DLink pictures are sent to my email address and I do not care about seeing them or the video on the ST app.

Scott, did some great work on this but we could never get it running:

Continuing the discussion from D-Link IP Camera device type (DCS-930L tested):

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Do you open a port externally for these cameras?


@scottinpollock ???
I don’t believe so.

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Don’t think he could answer this. Did you setup your camera this way?

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Hmm… somehow I was notified of this thread. Maybe I was mentioned at some point… I wrote the original Honeywell WiFi thermostat devicetype… and I also have DLink cameras… who knows…

But to your question of turning them on/off when you leave. That does seem like overkill. What I do, is when I am home I turn off the motion sensing, and when I am gone or sleeping i turn it on. Super simple to do…

I have some VERY old code here: That does it for my dlink cameras. Nice thing is, i set them up as “switches” so i just turn them on/off.


Interesting. Could it be controlled automatically by Mode change? The cameras would get used more this way.
Any changes to my router settings or does the app just require MyDLink name and password? And my DLink pics continue to go to my email?


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Its a switch so you could just turn off the motion sensing “switch”