Call my mobile

Hi all,

Anyone know if its possible to ring a number instead of the text alert in ST’s app?
I found this solution:

but it only works for US numbers.

Only other solution I have found is using a service like this (a text to voice service): but that will cost me every text sent.

I have a landline, was thinking if I can buy some sort of physical autodialer which I can activate through a ST outlet but havent found anything yet.

Thanks in advance guys

I looked into auto diallers while researching alarm systems. You could also Google search for “GSM autodiallers” and they cost typically £85 - £95.

yep, found many of them and all starting from that price which is a bit high for what I need. Most are combined GSM diallers which I think is why there in that price range. I dont need GSM and happy to use my landline.

If I can get that system to work it looks like that’ll be the cheapest option then… unless anyone else has had any joy?

I have one of these in my office and it works brilliantly:

Cant see a way of activating this from ST though. Its battery powered so cant simply use it with a power outlet switch.