C++ Windows App - Where to Start?

As a learning project, I am interested in developing a C++ application in Windows which can show device status (for example). Unfortunately, I have no idea where to start on how to communicate with SmartThings devices. Please advice.

Perhaps go to http://graph.api.smartthings.com, login, and request to be a developer (I believe it’s automatic).
Then go to the Developer Documentation ( http://docs.smartthings.com/en/latest/ ).
More specifically, the docs regarding web services: http://docs.smartthings.com/en/latest/smartapp-web-services-developers-guide/index.html


@unni Don’t develop it in C++, I would write it in C#

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[quote=“unni, post:1, topic:24525”]
a C++ application in Windows
[/quote]Well, that’s overkill. Anyway, you’ll be opening a socket to the REST/oauth smart app you create and install in your location and that app will be granted access to a number of devices. The C++ app will be making http GET requests to the REST api to show device status, or it will do http PUT requests to update device state.

You could do that same app in any language, or just use CURL from a command shell. Heck, you could use powershell. Or C#. Anything that can do an http GET or PUT will work.

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Thanks for your suggestions. I will go through those links and understand more about GET/PUT/REST/oauth.

Regarding using C++: I am trying to refresh and improve my knowledge of C++ so as to get better career opportunities.