Bypassing Allow/Deny oAuth for Windows App

(Dave Vander Wekke) #1

So I’ve been crash coursing and catching up with technology and languages that I haven’t used so bear with me if my questions are a little simple. I am working to get my .NET based automation system to interface with the SmartThings API. Wrote my first SmartApp with some endpoints. I was able to step through the oAuth process using hand coded URLs to understand it and it worked fine. I however have a question on this.

Since I am using a WinForm application I would like to be able to bypass the Allow/Deny dialog and just get my oAuth Code so I can have my system authenticate automatically without human input. Can someone explain if there is a way to go from passing the ClientID and ClientSecret straight through to the point where I can call my endpoints without human input?

Thank you in advance for your time!

(Morgan) #2

I’m curious what you are doing with the .NET application if you get this figured out.

(Dave Vander Wekke) #3

Hey Morgan. For the most part the .NET app is a home automation app I wrote primarily for my own home. No real plans to market or share it. It’s been my pet project for some years. I’ve been working on both speak and voice recognition within the application using NLP (Neural Language Processing). I’ve also developed some vision tools that I plan to hook into the surveillance system to track motion and gestures as a way to also control devices. Basically picture the ability to tap a lamp and the camera recognizes that you tapped the lamp and turns it on. I am also writing an android app to run on several tablets placed around the house that communicate back with the core windows app.

So my main plan is to get the .NET SmartThings API wrapper working then I will share this class library with the community for other developers.

As far as what I do with the windows application and all of its working pieces (Voice, Speech, Vision, etc) I’ll have to see how that goes and what I can share down the line.

(Bobfrankston) #4

I’m interested in learning more about this. I have a .Net control app myself which I’ve been maintaining since the mid 1990’s. At the moment I’m trying to figure out how to write a client and deal with OAuth so any examples would be appreciated. I’d strong prefer for all the interactions would be contained within my house.