BuyDig Aeon Labs Z-Wave products sale

Aeon Labs Z-Wave:
2-Pack ZW100 Multi-Sensor $79 (Multisensor


2-Pack Smart Energy Minimote $26 (Minimote

after coupon AFZWAE5

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A whopping 1% back from TCB

Edward Scripps once told me to watch my pennies and the dollars will follow,

Is this the multisensor with the crappy lux sensor?

This is new Gen 5 Zwave multi sensor. I don’t know if it has crappy Lux censor or not, but I read some reviews before purchasing it and didn’t see much complaints about it.

I would recommend against getting the multisensor. I got one and the battery died in around 3 months. I thought the device was broken and contacted Aeon support. They asked to see the device handling code and they said it was polling too often and asked me to change the polling to once an hour (I didn’t write this code, this is the default handler). I’m assuming that if I did this, the lux sensor wouldn’t be that useful. Not very happy that it’s such a pain when I could just get those Iris motion sensors much much cheaper and those work out of the box.

If you get it don’t use batteries use ac power. I have one and love it but did research and batteries do not last long.