Buttons don't respond on DTH

Hi there,

I’ve written a custom Device Type Handler for an OEM customer and things were working really well until a new Android version was released. Now, the tiles/buttons on the interface don’t fire and the app is useless. Has anyone seen this?

By the way, I fully expect there’s a problem with my code and the Android App doesn’t like it. Feel free to check it out: https://github.com/fortrezz/smartthings/blob/master/flow%20meter%20(fmi)/devicehandler.groovy


Dan Kurin

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Hi Dan, yes I’ve seen this - and with my version of your code.

There’s a bug introduced with the new mobile app that killed a valueTile’s ability to be tapped and execute an action, like in your code:

    valueTile("take1", "device.image", width: 2, height: 2, canChangeIcon: false, inactiveLabel: true, canChangeBackground: false, decoration: "flat") {
        state "take", label: "", action: "Image Capture.take", nextState:"taking", icon: "st.secondary.refresh"

Change that to “standardTile” and it will work.

Text/image rendering is also hosed up with the new app, so if you see that in your DTH it’s not your problem, it’s ST’s…

More info:

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Thanks John, works like a charm! I did find that in the iOS version of the DTH, I need to pull down from the top to refresh the image where the refresh button works just fine on the Android version.

Actually, I hadn’t updated to the newest iOS version (2.3.0). Once I did, this started working without pulling down from the top.

Thanks again John.

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Anytime Dan!