Buttons and Pets: A tale of woe (and a frustrated wife...)


(The Viking AKA "Holy Crap You're a Giant!") #1

There are definite drawbacks to having a smart home with automated lighting control…
Like the screams from a frustrated wife as the living room lights keep shutting off just moments after she turns them on…

I had my headphones on in the computer room and could not hear her increasingly frantic yells for me until she was ready to throw something at me to get my attention.

Enter some quick checks of the logs to find “Button 1 Pushed”, over and over again…

Button 1 is next to my side of the bed on the shelves attached to the headboard… A quick wander upstairs to find one of the cats staring intently at the button and pressing it to make the little red light on the button blink every press…

Coincidentally, this button is also the bedroom lamps/all off button…

Holding the button for three seconds cycles the bedroom lamps on or off… A quick press of it turns all of the lights in the house off, closes the garage door and turns the speaker volume down for any late-night notifications other than security/alarm.

First world geek problems?

[Lowe's Utilitech Siren] Interesting uses: "Wake up alarm" for a rebellious teenager... Muahahahaha
(I got a hair cut from Alexa) #2

I used to have a cat. :wink:

(Brian Diehl) #3

Time to buy a broken minimote for the cat tree!

(Brian Smith) #4

My wife liked this. Next time something goes wrong I’m blaming one of our many cats!

(Bobby) #5

But then you’ve got ST as the new pet to replace it?!?

(I got a hair cut from Alexa) #6

ST is very much like a cat, sometimes.

(Glen King) #7

Awesome! Thanx 4 the laugh :slight_smile:
Yeah, wife acceptance is a fickle thing isn’t it. I’m going to great lengths to shield mine from the quirks of building this system. Not for her sake, but for mine LOL

(Ron) #8

I have two dogs and so far they have not figured out to control any of my home automation devices.

One knows how to open the security gate so she can go downstairs when we tried to prevent her. The other is definitely trying to figure out the refrigerator door :slight_smile:

(The Viking AKA "Holy Crap You're a Giant!") #9

One of ours figured out the fridge door quite a while back… We ended up putting a lock on it…

(Ron) #10

LOL, mine are only 6lbs each (Maltese) so it’s only a dream for them :sleeping:

(The Viking AKA "Holy Crap You're a Giant!") #11

Coon hound here… She’d pick and choose what she wanted from the fridge when we were in a different room. Lol

(Brian Diehl) #12

That’s when you put the beer on the bottom shelf and start training.

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #13

I have four of those little bastards. They like to play with the motion sensors to make lights come on.


(This is not my dog, but mine is trained in the same behaviors.)

When our service dog trainer first put the tug rope on the refrigerator, I was worried that my dog would open the refrigerator all the time. But she said no, when they learned as a trained behavior on cue, then they only do it when they get the cue. She said if it is a problem, you can just take the rope off when you don’t need it.

Ours has been up for about six years now, and he’s never opened it except when he was asked to. :sunglasses::dog:

This is ours. ( note the Phillips hue light switch on the other door. )

(Nate) #15

This is hilarious! And one reason I don’t have any buttons my jerk cat can get to! Thanks for the story!..and warning. :grin:

(Ron) #16

I had to disable my motion sensors lights because of this. My fault though I taught my dog to play with a Sphero Ball which lights up and rolls around under control of your phone over bluetooth, she loves to chase it. When I installed the motion sensor which needed to be at floor level for my usage she immediately swatted it off the wall and started rolling it around the floor to make it light up.

(Mike Lewis) #17

Any parrot stories yet with an Echo? I’m sure there is an Amazon out there, in particular, that has Alexa fooled…

(I got a hair cut from Alexa) #18

Imagine if your parrot liked Dominos Pizza…and could order it all by itself. :wink:

(Mike Lewis) #19

I sent the following as feedback to Amazon for a TV commercial. With all the stuff Smartthings users have dealt with lately, I thought this might give us something to laugh at, as I’m sure many of us can relate:

Proposed Amazon Echo commercial.

{Fade in, living room scene. Muted lights, crickets chirping in the background, window in view shows that it is night outside–dark, street lights on in the distance. Cricket sounds fade as scene pans to show Amazon Echo on end table beside couch. View widens, to reveal Amazon parrot on a perch, head cocked sideways, looking at the Echo.}

Parrot: “Alexa, turn on bedroom lights.”

{Close up of Echo, light pointing toward parrot. Light rings spins blue.}

Alexa: “Okay”

{Switch scene to outside view of house: Upstairs window illuminates. Shadow of man in window bolting upright in bed. Switch scene back to living room.}

Parrot: “Alexa, open garage door.”

{Close up of Echo, light pointing toward parrot. Light rings spins blue.}

Alexa: “Okay”

{Switch scene to outside view of house: Front garage door raises, garage light illuminates. Switch scene back to living room.}

Parrot: “Alexa, turn on car alarm.”

{Close up of Echo, light pointing toward parrot. Light rings spins blue.}

Alexa: “Okay”

{Switch scene to outside view of house: car in garage starts flashing light, car alarm sounds. Switch scene back to living room}

Parrot, in a raised voice: “Alexa, turn on Siren.”

{Close up of Echo, light pointing toward parrot, bounces back and forth slightly as it focuses on parrot’s voice. Light rings spins blue.}

Alexa: “Okay”

{Switch to outside view, red lights flashing in all windows, alarm siren evident, competing noise with the car alarm. Switch scene back to living room, widen scope to include staircase from upstairs. Slowly coming down stairs is a man dressed in pajamas, bedraggled, followed by woman in robe with messy hair, and a sleepy small child in pajamas carrying a teddy bear. Zoom to face shot of man and wife.}

Man turns to wife and says: “Damn Amazon!”

{Switch to close up of parrot}

Parrot cackles manically.

{Switch to close up of Amazon Echo. Titles appear “Amazon Echo. The ultimate voice companion for home automation.” Echo blue light ring illuminates and spins. Fade to black.}