Button tile updating based on actual switch?

I have aeon smart power strip. To better control the individual outlets on it, I created on/off button tiles. I use core automation to have them function. The problem is, if the actual power strip is manually activated or the if it’s activated by ways of its own switch in smartthings, the on/off tile isn’t updated. Can someone show me how to update the tile based on activating the strip manually or through its on smartthings switch. Thanks.

PS, I’m very new to this.

Similar to the automation you have listening to the button events, setup automation to listen to the switch events to update the buttons (if they aren’t already in the right state).

That’s the thing. It doesn’t seem possible with this power strip, which I don’t understanDO. All four buttons are exposed in order to create tiles, but they are not exposed to listen to or manipulate. This kind of crap keeps confusing me with smartthings. Do what now? I’m using core.

Check out this post:

I’ve tried that and two other apps. None of the expose the buttons to be automated or listened to.

Are you sure? I think you can subscribe to the status of switch1, switch2, switch3, and switch4. You would have to do this in something like WebCore. If it updates in ST you can use it for something else. It does update in ST, right?

I just installed webcore, this thing makes core look like a skip through a park. Please tell me there’s another way. My brain is way too fried to deal with something like this anytime soon.

If your using CoRE then you should be able to get a handle on using WebCoRE. Its actually really nice to work on a full screen and keyboard instead of the tiny phone screen.

Look here for help:

OK, got it going through webcore. I didn’t have my devices activated in it, that’s what was so confusing before, thanks for the link.