Button tile+switch

(Cody Farmer) #1

so I’d like to know how I can integrate a simulated button tile that activates a certain routine or macro. I’d like to attach it to one of my actual lights switches ie when I turn on dining room light I would also like it to press the simulated button I have set up. I’d rather not use double tap but stickly turn light on execute simulated button.

any thoughts or directions would be great.

I’m trying to give my wife and actual switch in the house that we use not to often in the kitchen that turns our basic normal light set up in normal white color which I have made a core Poston for.

(Johnny Dang) #2

If i understand correctly, you’re trying to have a switch activate Routine? there’s a SmartApp called Switch activates routine or mode in here somewhere.

(Ron Talley) #3

Use CoRE

Core Basic Piston in Expert Mode

If Button Tile is Pushed
When True
Using location-execute routine or macro

“Or” (Used as Separator)

If Switch (actual Switch) changes to on
When True
Using Button Tile-Push