Button not listed under Contact Sensors

Hello, New to SmartThings and IFTTT.
I’ve added a service in SmartThings and I can see all my devices in IFTTT. However my SM button is not listed under “Contact Sensors”. It is listed under “Temperature Sensors”. I have gone into the authorization page and it is not listed under “Contact Sensors “, only under “Temperature Sensors”.
I have deleted and added the button back into SmartThings but this does allow the button to show up under “Contact Sensors”.
I am using SmartThings classic app.
Any help would be appreciated.

What’s an “SM button”? Brand and model number?

A button isn’t a contact sensor. A button is a button. A contact sensor is a door/window sensor.

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Whoops. Typo. It’s a SmartThings button IM6001- BTP15

Ok, then under IFTTT, what can I use this button for? It’s only function is listed under Temperature

A Button is (or should be) classified as a Sensor though. It senses and reports being pressed, just like a Contact sensor senses and reports being closed or opened.

A Button should be momentary switch or contact sensor, as no matter what kind of action (push, toggle, pull etc.) It’s activated by contact. Button does not report pressure in lb/ft, or any other action.

Button isn’t a supported capability with the IFTTT integration.

In IFTTT the button itself does you no good, except for its temperature capability, as you’ve discovered. You could have the button turn on a virtual switch and connect that to IFTTT since switch is a supported capability with IFTTT.

Smartthings has official features which do even more than IFTTT and will do it quicker. So unless you are trying to communicate with devices which don’t have a SmartThings integration, you really won’t need IFTTT. You can do everything ifttt does and much more (including using a button as an “if”) in the official SmartThings features. Smartlighting is one of the most popular features and the buttons will work in that as an “if”. :sunglasses:

See the following community FAQ:

How to Get Started Creating Complex Rules in SmartThings (2017) (SmartThings Classic)

Technically, a button is not A sensor, because the sensor detects a change in the physical environment independent of the sensor itself. A contact sensor is reporting on a change in the location of the door/window.

A button is a momentary switch. The only thing it is reporting is its own manipulation.

While it’s a minor difference, it’s considered important. You often use multiple devices to verify a sensor reading. That would be silly with a button or another switch.

The door opens or closes regardless of whether the sensor is there to detect it. Remove the button, and there is nothing to detect, so it is not considered “independent environmental change.“

Depending on the specific engineering definitions being used, a button is either a momentary switch or a network accessory.

However, I am aware that, like many other things, smartthings uses a non-standard definition for both “actuator” and “Sensor.” :scream:

No need to panic, JD… :slight_smile:

But yes - I mean everything in terms of SmartThings’s definitions.

Whether explicitly or not, a “Momentary” button acts definitely acts as a Sensor in SmartThings, just as a Switch does: A Switch is both an Actuator (i.e., responds to Commands), and a Sensor (i.e., it can report its State or State Changes if it has a way to be manipulated physically or via an non-SmartThings influence).

The big problem coming up: SmartThings has eliminated Capability “Momentary” from the new API. That means there’s no longer a way to create a Virtual Momentary Button. A Virtual Momentary is a Button that accepts the Command “push()”: i.e., it can be actuated by SmartThings.

Since a Button (in SmartThings’s definition) has no Commands. It is purely a Sensor and cannot be “actuated” by SmartThings.

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Thanks. I was able to use the button to control a virtual switch in IFTTT

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Yes, I’ve quickly realized SmartThings is the way to go for home automation but not until I purchased a few devices that use smartlife.
I am trying to use the ST button to control those devices. I think I have it sorted out now with a virtual switch through IFTTT. Thanks for all the feedback. Great community support here.