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Which ocfDeviceType value gives this icon? I want to use it for my groovy DTH.



And another issue Iā€™m having is that in addition to not being able to select the icon I want, it is not changing the icon to active when pressed. I have the ā€˜buttonā€™ capability selected for the dashboard view in my device config.

vid: ā€œSmartThings-smartthings-SmartSense_Buttonā€, ocfDeviceType: ā€œx.com.st.d.remotecontrollerā€

Should be what your looking for.

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That did the trick, thanks!

Sorry, bit late to the party.

If there is one I donā€™t know what it is. Most buttons use the ā€˜remotecontrollerā€™ type but that gives the multi-button remote control icon.

If the icon is associated with a stock device handler the icon is probably specified in the presentation itself so the ocfDeviceType will not make any difference.

The above vid works

Yep. The vid specified the icon. The punters can at best reverse engineer valid icon definitions for their own presentations (if that currently works) or take the app default for the device type.

But it seems asking nicely for the vid also works :wink:

Thanks for the input, @Jake_Mohl!
This icon can be set through the device-config](SmartThings API) using the ā€œiconUrlā€ property, eg.

    "dashboard": {
        "states": [
        "actions": [

Remember you can query a predefined VID using the presentation endpoint, so you can see which ā€œiconUrlā€ theyā€™re using. The parameters would be:

  • presentationId: SmartThings-smartthings-SmartSense_Button
  • manufacturerName: SmartThings