Button Controller Does not trigger routines

I have two Aeotec Key Fobs that used to work fine with my smartthings hub. I use Button controller smartapp and set the keys to trigger Routines like “Goodbye!” and “I’m Back”. However, several months ago, both of them stopped working. I tried many things, like remove and re-add, even factory reset my hub, but nothing can make it work again. It seems the device adding was successful, because I can see each button click being logged in the “Recently” tab. But it simply does not trigger the routine as I set. Anyone know how to solve it?

Just a wag . .

Try setting the button to do something else, like turning on a light bulb, to confirm that other functionality for the button is working. If so, set it back to the routine, hopefully forcing it to re-write the code that binds the button press to the routine.

It’s been awhile but I seem to remember that when I started having issues with button controller I moved the automations over to smart lighting.

Thank you for replying. I finally figured it out. When choosing the button in button controller, there were 5 to choose from: an Aeotec Key Fob and Aeotec Key Fob button 1~4. The old setting was to choose the button 1~4 to set corresponding actions, but now I need to choose the Aeotec Key Fob and set actions for each button in following steps. Such a confusing list of buttons.


good followup - thanks.