Bulldog pedestrian gate and Mimolite zwave: help needed

I figured I’d try a bit of DIY, emulating this post https://livinghightech.com/smart-lock-outdoor-gate-alexa/ to make my dumb pedestrian gate smart.

I have hit snags that are leading me to have concerns relying on this.

Firstly, as soon as I connect the Mimolite zwave (I used bell wire), any key on the bulldog keypad unlocks the gate, and a simple tap of the Mimolite casing also unlocks it. So not exactly secure, also the first three buttons on the keypad don’t work.

To confirm that connecting the bulldog gate opener without the Mimolite and it all functions exactly as it should.

I’m not an electrician, and I’m actually pretty hapless when it comes to diy but I really wanted this to work without a professional.

Also, when I add it to smart things, it’s very intermittent, funtions as a switch only (on/off) and is pretty unreliable.

Any assistance or advice?

If wired correctly, it shouldn’t affect the working of the keypad at all, as they are using different inputs. So I would start with looking at the wiring. :thinking:

I have two vehicle gates that I use these for and until I had a strong mesh they where not reliable. I blamed the devices but keep at it and after adding 6 repeaters in each direction (Gate in opposite directions from the house and about 150 feet away from hub each) and then they both became very reliable. You will also need to play with your device driver. They are several out there that work along with the built in one. As the Mimolite is z-wave not plus they do make a Mimo2 that is zwave plus and has a better range and reporting.

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Thanks, I think I’ll take some photos of the set up, maybe you or someone else might have an idea

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Hmm, but this is all in my house, not in a real environment, the Mimolite is only a few foot away from the hub right now.

Well distance is not the issue I would not think. The driver could definitely be causing the issues. What device driver are you using?

Tagging @johnconstantelo just because he’s good at this kind of project. :sunglasses:

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I’m not sure if the answer to this, how would I find out?