Bulk pricing for US style paddle dimmer switches?

I need something like 50 switches for a new place. I’m debating doing some Zwave and some Zigbee so I have solid mesh across the whole location, but frankly, I’m fine committing to all one style.

Is there any way to buy 10packs or something like that to save any money? Most home materials, start to get some meaningful 10, 20, 30% discounts when you’re purchasing “enough for a full home” (I’m speaking in general, like for raw lumber you don’t pay individual board price when you’re buying whole pallets of it). From what I can tell smart home equipment is a bit of an exception and there are no bulk packs and no discounts, realistically, just the occasional sale.

Sound about right?

I know four retailers that regularly offer bulk discounts: Home Depot when you go to the special order desk, Zwave Products Dot Com, the smartest house, and inovelli. For the smartest house, contact them at their support email and they should let you know what they can do.


Zwave products lists some bundles in their sale section, otherwise get in touch with their support email.


Home Depot is most likely to be able to offer a special order discount on the brands that they regularly stock, which would be GE, go control, Leviton, and Lutron (Lutron is not Zwave or Zigbee, they use their own proprietary frequency). I don’t know what happens if you’re signed up for their pro program, but my experience as a regular customer has been that you can only find out about the discounts if you are actually placing an order in the store.

I don’t know whether inovelli offers any bulk discounts or not.

@Eric_Inovelli notes below that Inovelli also offers some multi pack discounts.

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Oh, and I almost forgot, Homeseer sometimes offers a very small discount, like 5%, when you were buying five or more of an individual model. They also have a rewards program where you earn points for every purchase and then you can get a gift certificate later, but that ends up being like another 2% off. And at one time you couldn’t use points for the multi pack. So not much of a discount, but you can look into it.


Monoprice also offers some bulk pricing, but the discount on zwave devices ends up being even smaller than homeseer’s, typically 1% off if you buy 10 of the same model. :thinking:


But the ones listed in my previous post all have much better bulk discounts than these, it’s hard to even consider them in the same category.

Thanks for the tag :slight_smile:

We offer 10-pks, but they are all sold out right now (should be back in stock in June).

Red Series On/Off: Red Series On/Off Switch 10 Pack | Z-Wave | Inovelli
Red Series Dimmer: Red Series Dimmer Switch 10 Pack | Z-Wave | Inovelli

However, we are having a sweet sale right now on our Black Series switches.


We offer bulk prices for any Zooz model, including the latest 700 series switches, just let us know which switch / dimmer looks best and we’ll send you a discount code for it. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions about the different models and we’ll be happy to recommend the best device for your needs :slight_smile:

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Since JD mentioned it, Inovelli have also launched a rewards program recently.


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That’s awesome. I will see if I can make those work. They’ve been on my list but most of my lighting has >100w of LED (e.g. 6x BR40 Philips bulbs, which is 120W → side note I’m fairly impressed with those bulbs and their “warm glow” effect).

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All on/off models can handle up to 150 W of LED’s and the ZEN72 dimmer can do up to 150 W as well.

There are also a bunch of the 500 series models that went on sale this morning :wink:

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