Bulbs, switches and sensors, oh my....what to buy (device class features FAQ)

And two discussion thread on motorized shades that work with SmartThings:

Adding a discussion thread specific to humidity sensors:

And one just for temperature sensors:

Adding a discussion thread specific to high load electrical equipment like water heaters, things in the 30 amp range.

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Looks like we haven’t ever added this to the thread yet. This is the FAQ that lists all of the remotes and buttons that have been confirmed to work with SmartThings. Some are wallmount, some are handheld; some are battery operated and some are mains powered. But it’s a pretty simple FAQ: just one post per device with the region, name, picture, a brief description, and a thread to discussion threads if any in the forum. :sunglasses:

There aren’t a lot of options for ceiling fan control that work with SmartThings, but there are two good ones and some that are OK if the first two don’t work with your wiring. See the following thread:

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Detailed discussion of leak sensors:

Detailed discussion of pocket socket options for the UK:

More about Smart Bulbs.

Looks to be that the GE is the most common brand for switches… Ge Smart switch with dimmer and wanted to know the following:

I would like to install this in a light that is controlled by 2 switches (different locations) and wanted to know if I have to install 2 of these or just one (leaving a dummy one) so I can make it work with z wave?

See the following (this is clickable link)

And then you can ask any follow on wiring questions in the following thread:

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Discussion thread comparing Amazon echo with google home:

Just an update on zwave motion sensors. @krlaframboise has recently done an extensive review of six different models including features like detection zone range. This doesn’t include any zigbee sensors, but it’s well worth the read. :sunglasses:



Besides the Dome bullet point that sounds like I wrote when I was drunk, there’s a correction that should be made to that Blog post.

The chart at the bottom shows 1-255 Minutes for the motion re-trigger wait time of the Zooz Z-Wave Plus Motion/Humidity/Temp/ Light Sensor, but that’s no longer correct.

Firmware version 17.9 was released a couple of weeks ago and it changes the motion re-trigger wait time to 15-60 Seconds.


We’ll edit it! :wink:

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A 2018 thread discussing various thermostat options, mostly by referral to previous forum threads:

And a thread discussing the various brands and models of water valve shut off devices:

A thread discussing some options for acoustic sensors:

Several questions recently about a multi button scene controller that will fit in a single gang spot. I think these are going to be even more popular now that smartthings has added the scenes feature. So here’s a discussion thread for those:



The following thread discusses security keypad options, including the iris keypad and the zipato keypad.

The Iris keypad is zigbee, and has multiple features including a beep and an indicator LED which can be set to show you if the ST security features are armed.


The Zipato keypad is available on both the US and UK zwave frequencies. It has fewer features than the iris device, but it does also work with a Keyfob that you just touch to the device, so some people prefer it for that reason.


For more details on either, see the thread linked to above.