Bulbs, switches and sensors, oh my....what to buy (device class features FAQ)

A quick word on budget brands in zwave light switches that have come out since this thread was originally started.

In addition to GE, I would definitely look at in Inovelli and Zooz. Both tend to be less expensive than the GE but using newer technology. (And if you are on a really tight budget and you have a lot of three-way switches, some Zooz models can be wired with one master switch and use your existing dumb accessory switches, an additional cost savings.)

Zooz is a house brand for the Smartest House. You can normally get your best price from them, and if you need a dozen or more write to them and see if they can get you a quantity discount.


Inovelli are available through Amazon or through their own site and come in a number of different models.


Both companies have representatives who are active on these forums and you can find a lot of threads about the products. :sunglasses:


Thread about garage door tilt sensors. (Not door openers or controllers: just the sensor.)

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Excellent post by @veeceeoh (post 10 in the thread) on how Xiaomi devices do and don’t work with SmartThings

FAQ: Help! New to smartThings: will Xioami sensors work?

The following thread discusses options for an inwall receptacle where the two sockets can be independently controlled. Not plug-in modules.

Before anybody gets too excited, while there is one model that works in the UK and one model that works in the US, they both rely on IFTTT for integration with SmartThings. So cloud to cloud. Interestingly, they both also offer HomeKit integration, so if you happen to use iOS devices you can use that as a local backup. But otherwise, yes, cloud-dependent.




I have 19 overhead lights in my basement, which are currently controlled by 4 switches (no 3-way). All of the lights currently have Osram Color Temperature bulbs installed.

I want to install smart switches, and wire the fixtures to be always on and simply control using Smartthings rather than directly to the switch. I will then use the multi tap and hold features of the Homeseer switches to trigger scenes in Smartthings across all of the lights.

Can I buy Homeseer HS-WA100+ switches (add-ons) instead of HS-WS100+ switches? I know that if I were using the switches to control load to the fixture, I would need WS100+, but I am not doing that here.

The add-on’s are about $20 less so I was hoping to save if they met my needs. I specifically want to have multi-tap and press/hold features on each light switch.

2019 thread discussing “stackable” pocketsockets, that is ones that will not block the other outlet.

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As of this writing, all of the sirens on the official compatibility list are zwave. The following 2019 thread has a discussion of some Wi-Fi and zigbee siren options if anybody needs those:

Discussion of battery powered lights in the following thread:

Good discussion

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New 2019 FAQ on switches that don’t require a neutral wire:

FAQ on zigbee light switches that work with smartthings:

2019 Thread on Pocketsockets, since a number of new models have come out since this thread began:

Smart Plugs— what’s your favorite? (2019)

Thread on smart controllers for dumb RGB led light strips:

LED RGB/W SmartTings controller for dumb Light strips (2019)


Brief 2019 discussion of bright smart bulbs that don’t require an additional Bridge/gateway/hub when using SmartThings. Applies to both the US and the UK.


2019 thread discussing motion sensors which can be plugged in rather than battery operated. There are now several of these. :sunglasses:

FAQ: Plug in Motion Sensor? (2019)

Battery operated lights. There aren’t any with direct integration, but there are a few options:

RGBW LED strips:

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Can anyone recommend 4" retrofit can Zigbee or Z-Wave downlights that support RGBW? I can find 5/6" versions and wifi versions but my specific combination seems to not exist!

Please start a new thread for this if you want to discuss it further so we don’t clutter up the FAQ. :sunglasses:

But there are a few options.

Zemismart has a zigbee 3.0 4” that is supposed to work with ST. I don’t know if it’s been tested with the new V3 app.

  1. Tuya has a similar Zigbee device, a little smaller, the same caveats apply. (Note that this is one of their new Zigbee line, not a Wi-Fi device.)
  1. Philips hue makes a 4” model. Integration with SmartThings is through their hue bridge.

There are quite a few cheap brands that make these for the Chinese market, but I am always uncomfortable about wiring in some thing that doesn’t have safety certifications, so I would tend to stick with the major brands that sell a lot into the US like the three above.

To keep this on topic for this thread we should say that in this device class you are typically replacing an existing downlight and again they are wired directly into the mains. You can usually adjust size within an inch or two by using a rim ring, which is why you will see them listed, for example, as two sizes for the same device.

Some are white only, but once you get to smart devices most of them are color adjustable or at least color temperature adjustable.

This is an expensive option for a room, so they are most popular either when you want color effects or when you want to create multiple lighting zones in an area which is all on the same circuit controlled by one switch. So you do see them, for example, in home theater rooms. :popcorn::sunglasses: And kitchens where you have separate work areas that you want to light more brightly.

The 5/6” size is the most popular and you will have the most choices with that, as you mentioned, but there are some made in other sizes like the 4 inch that you are looking for.

In the 5/6 inch size, Sylvania smart was the most popular that worked with smartthings for several years but then California passed a law on energy efficiency that those don’t meet, so they can no longer be shipped to California. :disappointed_relieved:

So that has now become another feature you have to look at in this device class: can they be shipped to California? :thinking:

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