Bulbs but no ideas

Has anyone else purchased bulbs that were on sale and then you look around and wonder where you can put them??? I swear, I’ve run out of places to put bulbs that don’t require me to then purchase a sensor, etc. Any ideas? I already have them in all the living room lamps, bedroom lamps, outside front door and garage. My kitchen lights are a different kind so that won’t work. What a horrible problem to have, huh?


You’re not the only one. @bamarayne has had boxes full of stuff he bought on sale, although eventually he always found something to do with them.

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Are they color changing bulbs or just white?

I guess in 15 or 20 years, you’ll have spare bulbs to put when they burn out. :smile: Or maybe one day, you’ll put in a ceiling fan that needs four bulbs.


This is one shelf of some of my extra stuff I have not figured out what to do with… It may find a use… It may not… heck… who knows!


Already have 4 in my ceiling fan

Dimmable not colored

OK, that limits it. If they were colored bulbs, You could use them as indicator lights for various events.

See– – you need more bulbs! LOL! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I have the Hue strip that changes to my son’s college baseball team’s color when the game starts. But I want to add the Hue outdoor strip when it’s available.
I’ve tried to justify a Sonos speaker but haven’t really found a need yet. But…

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Yes finding a way to leverage the Worlds Largest Gummy Bear in automation will be hard.


It’s a 5 pound counterweight. I can think of lots of ways to use it in home automation. :wink:

That said, I love their marketing:

There is no candy more magnificent or more powerful.


Yeah… That one is going to be interesting…
I just added an Amazon Echo to that shelf… I don’t have a room to put it in!

I got that one at the Gummy Bear store in N. Carolina

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Just one ? I have 3 Google Home, 5 Google mini an Insignia Google speaker and 3 Dots " on the shelf".
I jumped on the 4 Lifx+ deal this week, once they were delivered I realized that I absolutely have no place to use them.
I was planning on using 3 on the porch, but once I put in the first one I realized that was stupid, since the porch lights are on all night anyway. So what’s the point of the IR ?

hahahah, yeah… just one… if you need me to figure out a use for those… I’ll pm you my address.