Bulb color sync ChatGPT JSON Rule

Just curious: what’s the state of smartthings lighting groups these days?

Can you include them in Scenes?

Are they actionable with a rules API?

If so, that might offer some other alternatives. I know the functionality on these has been changing, I just haven’t kept up with it. :thinking:

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That’s a great question. I abandoned lighting groups when I determined they also don’t support color syncing. I’m sure they’re useful for other things. But I’ve been desperately trying to get 6 bulbs sync’d in my home theater since the demise of Color Coordinator (it stopped working before the Edge transition). First world problems, but manually adjusting 6 bulbs when you want the entire room one color is annoying and cumbersome.

To my knowledge color syncing is impossible, except with Sharptools or @Mariano_Colmenarejo’s latest driver for Zigbee bulbs. Since these are Lifx, and I need them to be sync’d with a virtual bulb, that option doesn’t work.

I’m so relieved I have this working after about 2 years :joy:

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I’ve only lightly toyed with virtual colour lights so I have to defer to those with real experience.

However, as far as I can see lighting groups work for colour light syncing and you can use them in the Rules API like any other device.

Unfortunately they do not present with the colour support in the mobile apps and that screws over Scenes because Scenes are managed like Routines as a private plaything of the app, despite also being accessible to the public API.

Lighting Groups are a type of Device Group, and they present as a single device of type GROUP. However the API doesn’t include them in the list of devices in your Location so you need to hunt them down in the API in the /devicegroups endpoint which is where the group specific stuff is handled. The deviceGroupId is the same as the deviceId. You can see the device in the API, it is just the listing that filters it out.

As ever, this stuff might be ‘hidden’ for a reason.

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Have been following this thread with interest, especially as I am trying to get into rules, as a non-programmer, using templates.
Fascinating to see the ability of ChatGPT, and I couldn´t resist copying the code and trying to create a rule, but no way, always a format error (except for the code by @nayelyz which runs perfectly -THANK YOU!)
Now sync has been covered in color and saturation, but I precisely am interested in brightness or “switchLevel”, and don´t want to use Smart Lighting or groups.
Trying to read through to understand this, but what is the final conclusion on this point - can maybe someone can confirm - that level can be synchronised by this changes/operand/attribute route or is this barking up the wrong tree?
Can it be done?
Many thanks if someone can give us a hand

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