Bulb Cameras

Just a quick question. I’ve got a floodlight over my driveway that I would like to replace with a camera floodlight similar to the ring Flood product. However, I’m seriously opposed to paying Ring monthly to be able review my videos. Since I haven’t seen anything else on the market similar, I’ve looked at a few bulb cameras (i could replace one of the two bulbs with the camera. Are there any that work with a community supplied handler by chance? I know I could buy an Arlo for out there, but I’d much prefer to have a powered unit that I don’t have to swap batteries out on frequently. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

I personally don’t know of any other than what you’ve mentioned. I did have the thought that you could use a power adapter in the bulb connection and the use that to plug in the power cable to any other camera that you pick up. That is if you are ok going with that vs wanting something more… simple/clean looking.

Depending on your location, you can power the Arlos via solar panels … unless its too cold (<40ish F) to charge… you could also rig up some power runs for usb power…

Thanks for the comments on this. I know the Arlo Pro 2 is powered, but i believe that it is not weather proof when using the usb power unfortunately. Also, I’m in NE Ohio so a good chunk of the year is under 40 deg. So I’d guess the solar panels are a no go sadly.

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I feel ya … I’m in North East PA and I’ve been up and down the ladder already :frowning:

Remember, if the bulb doesn’t have power it won’t work. So, i don’t think you want to but that into a motion sensing fixture.