Building New Home Wiring?

Thank you very much. Without looking at it yet, I’m guessing the Dakota is a magnetic sensor. Worked with some in the past. Would love a quality one. Thank you!


How were you able to integrate you hardwired alarm with ST? I’m building now and considering ADT Pulse getting installed. But I’m also not sure if I want to go that route or just hardwire all the sensors and somehow run with ST.


Using this project:

Unfortunately the SmartThings Arduino Shield is no longer available and with lack of interest Stan nor I put the effort into updating the code to work with the Ethernet/wifi STAnything library. There are several other DSC and Vista panel integrations on the community. I personally still have monitoring with ADT but the leverage ST for convenience and use the hard wired sensors.

There are many other projects documented as well that don’t require an alarm panel and the sensors are wired to an Arduino or RPi as well. So many options for you, just depends on what you are comfortable with. I do highly suggest hard wiring as many sensors as you can regardless of whether you plan to purchase a panel or have it monitored. Replacing batteries is not fun and gets expensive.

Will any electrician know how to install hardwired alarm sensors? I was considering having ADT come out and do it, but if my electrician will know how to do it for now, without me getting locked into a 3 year contract with ADT, that’d be preferred. I’m still very elementary on this smart home stuff and know NOTHING about coding, nodes, etc. I assume all hardwired sensors will work with any alarm system? Just any off amazon?

Electricians do some “low voltage” stuff but not all. I would ask, but some prefer to avoid it. But it doesn’t have to be ADT and in fact you can call a local AV company and they would likely do it along with your network, speaker, and TV installations. Your electrician may also be able to refer you to someone. This way the wiring is done by someone who won’t require a contract. I personally did much of mine myself in a recent addition to my home, but I am also experienced with doing it.

I highly suggest you future proof your home and run wires where you think you will ever need something like speakers, televisions, etc even if you don’t plan to install or purchase during the build. Especially if your home is on a slab which makes fishing wires more difficult. Much easier to run them now than later and cheaper too. Low voltage doesn’t have to be inspected via electrical code in many areas other than making sure holes have fire block foam. That’s why I did it myself. One of my favorite things about my master suite addition is speakers in my bathroom ceiling and the Bluetooth volume control with an echo dot. It’s nice to listen to news or music while getting ready and my kids enjoy it too.

Never hurts to ask your electrician - if he doesn’t he will likely know someone.

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