Build Site, Projects, and updates

I really don’t like the Build site… how the heck do I “follow” a project so that I’m notified when updates occur??

Build is a disaster of a site IMO. I am sure it is just not prioritized to fix all the issues with it at this time. I also don’t get why they don’t have a mobile version of it when they are such a mobile focused company.

Google + community would be great. Just ad the same categories as here. Easy to read on the go via G+ app and of course easy to respond/post.


@Ingo, … If you start making a list it will get really long.
I decided to chill till like Android gets beyond beta, everybody gets their kit and the ‘store’ opens.
IMO - SmartThings is in the ‘weaning curve’ not the ‘bleeding leading curve’.
My 2 cents!

Does subscribing to a topic work for anyone else. I have subscribe to several (or selected the Notify me of follow-up replies via email check box, but have not once been notified that a new post has been made. I am using chrome on Windows 8.

It works on and off for me.

Never received an email when someone replies when I set it to notify me. Hasn’t worked once. I think their punch lists pretty full on both the server and app side so in the mean time, I just have to keep checking. Also the IDE/build sites don’t allow the option of “leave me logged on” so my login times out a I’m constantly having to login again. More of a PITA than anything really serious but a PITA nonetheless.