Build a vending machine with SmartThings and sensors

Dear community,
I have been searching for a solution to put a “light” vending machine. Most of them are big because they are designed to resist in tough and anti-vandalism conditions. In my requirement, I just want to transform a window cabinet into a kind of controlled way to open a window in the cabinet based on purchasing something. Let’s assume I put toothmaste in one side, chocolate on the other side.

For this, I thought of using SmartThings and smoe sensors to build this soft vending machine with following approach:

1-) Use a coin operated or credit card reader, which can talk in bluetooth to ST ;
2-) Use a keypad on which each 2 digits corrsepond to a specific object;
3-) When user types say code 01 , meaning he wants chocolats located in cabinet level 2 , the reader kicks in with price of 5 EUR ;
4-) User inserts credit card , makes a payment, then unlocks the window in the cabinet on level 2 of this glass window;

I wondered, wether we can reach this by playing around with ST and some sensors that have “existing” drivers and sceanrio can be bluit ?

Your thoughts ?

Thank you,

I love the sound of this, but I think it would depend on who your target consumer is. If it’s family, then this might be a great experiment.

Otherwise, I think there would be too much to do to prevent people taking advantage which has already been done in a commercial vending machine.

For example, if the chocolate was kept in window 2, how would you stop the user taking two, or all of the chocolate?


I used a quirky porkfolio via IFTTT for a while to turn on the power to the TV for the kids. I gave up on it though because I ended spending too much money on watching TV myself;-)

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ST integrated? That thing will spit products all over the place and never give you what you ordered


You must be loaded. Unlimited unscheduled toothmaste and chocolate?!?

I will demonstrate. Where is this machine?


First thought:

SmartThings has a Bluetooth radio, but it has not yet been enabled and you can’t use it for anything. So that part doesn’t work. :disappointed_relieved:

BTW, I don’t know about in the UK, but in the US you can usually find a used vending machine that takes bills for the equivalent of about €250. I had friends who lived in a fraternity house that had a couple of these in the game room. They work fine, you just have to make sure they’re braced really well as if they tip over on someone it can be really dangerous.

what changed in the latest update before I install?