Bug with Boolean Visible Condition

I’m seeing a bug when trying to use a visibleCondition of boolean type. I only see this in the detailView. The automation views are working as expected. In the detailView, the logic is inverted. The visibility is flipped. Using the same conditions in the automations show and hide them as desired.

  - component: main
    capability: switch
    version: 1
    values: []
    patch: []
      component: main
      capability: myBooleanCapability
      version: 1
      value: myBooleanAttribute.value
      valueType: boolean
      operator: EQUALS
      operand: 'true'

@nayelyz I have verified this with multiple configs. It seems to only apply to boolean valueTypes used in the detailView. Strings and other views work as expected. This is also on Android, so iOS may not experience it.

Hi @blueyetisoftware

Thanks you for the information, we will investigate the problem, we will inform you any updates or if we need more information.

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Hi @blueyetisoftware

Can you share with us this information? please

  • The device configuration that you’re using
  • The capability and the capability presentation