Bug in hue connect app after latest firmware update

678091c2a191 ‎4‎:‎50‎:‎13‎ ‎PM: trace Location: devicetype:04, mac:001788228D67, networkAddress:C0A80BA1, deviceAddress:0050, stringCount:04, ssdpPath:/description.xml, ssdpUSN:uuid:2f402f80-da50-11e1-9b23-001788228d67, ssdpTerm:uuid:2f402f80-da50-11e1-9b23-001788228d67, ssdpNTS:

674be651-6a9a-4d11-90de-678091c2a191 ‎4‎:‎50‎:‎13‎ ‎PM: error groovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: script14616939260991400664017.ssdpBridgeHandler() is applicable for argument types: (physicalgraph.app.EventWrapper) values: [physicalgraph.app.EventWrapper@58244aa2]

674be651-6a9a-4d11-90de-678091c2a191 ‎4‎:‎50‎:‎13‎ ‎PM: trace Host: -

674be651-6a9a-4d11-90de-678091c2a191 ‎4‎:‎50‎:‎12‎ ‎PM: debug Device (001788228D67) was already found in state with ip =

What are the symptoms?

nothing that I know off yet… just thought I would report seeing the error in the logs when I was debugging other stuff.

I imagine it breaks what ever ssdpbridgehelper did