Bug in creating 6x wide Tiles

@slagle, @jody.albritton

Another bug, when trying to create a Tile that 6 units wide and 1 unit high, it automatically creates a tile that links back to the same device.

standardTile(“cameraSettings”, “device.status”, width: 6, height: 1) {
state “”, label: “Camera Settings”

Try it out. It creates an infinite loop when you click on this tile. (Both iOS and Android). Also reported to ST Support FYR.

The goal here was to create a blank tile (to show status). The same results with valueTile also.

Yep, anything that is 6 wide will automatically have a link to the device. Make it 5 wide and that should solve your problem. This may seem like a “bug” but it’s by design for multiAttribute tiles. We could talk about making an extra Param that could control this, but with our focus being stability right now, that would be a while out most likely.

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Could you shed some light on the the intent behind the design so we know how/when to use it.
What’ the extra param you’re referring to and control what?
Any suggestions on option on how to create a blank tile that spans across to create a separation? (any native way)

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