Bug in Android App causing App Installation to Fail

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Android ST app, I just found a bug which can cause your App installation to fail with “sorry but there was an unexpected error”

This issue is specific to Android app only, the iPhone app works fine. Here’s how it works:
If during Install, the Input enum options are empty, the Android app craps out with an error see here for a screen shot:

So a dynamic input like:

def cruiseNames = getCruiseNames()
input "cruisemap", "enum", title: "Start cruise when motion is detected", options: cruiseNames

if getCruiseName() returns [] the Android app fails the installation:

Thanks @HixVAC for the screenshot.

However it works fine on the iPhone app. @April you may want to pass it onto your appropriate team(s)

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Thanks for the feedback. I responded to your support ticket :smile: