Bug: Copy Routine with Only Once Per Day - both original and copy will only run once

I found an issue with the Copy function in a routine.

Say you have a routine with a Time condition and selected Only Once Per Day and certain other conditions and actions. If you then copy that routine, even if you have totally different conditions, the two routines seem to share the same “once per day” identifier, and only one of the routines, the original or the copy, will run in a given day.

Even deleting and re-saving the Time condition doesn’t do it. You basically have to delete the routine and start over (or essentially, never waste your time on the Copy function and just rewrite everything from scratch).

Anyone else see this?


Are these recently copied routines or ones from a while back? I’m trying to figure out why some of my routines are not firing, but no recent copies were done.

I’ve been tracking this for several months, actually. Most recent copy was made in the past 2 weeks.

The routines that aren’t working, do they have a Time condition?

Yes, and I should add some also fire, but fire at the wrong time, when clearly other functions are firing at the right time. Clearly lots of Gremlins were introduced post July 4th!