My arrived the other day. It’s considerably larger than I thought it would be. It feels sturdy, which I’d expect for the $99 asking price. I mostly ordered one out of a sense of ridiculousness, I did not have a specific use in mind. My only real complaint is that it takes 5-20 seconds to spin and turn green after being pushed. I’m assuming it has to wake up and reconnect to my Wi-Fi so as to not be on using battery all the time. I have not tried with an AC adapter yet.

The IFTTT integration seems to work fine. It is making me with SmartThings would add more options to their channel. I’ve been hoping for modes as both triggers and actions; as well as Hello Home phrases. The has to option to make REST calls as well. I plan to try having it talk directly to ST in the near future.

The cheesiest IoT video yet. :blush:

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Use of virtual switches is the best work around I’ve found for the limited ST IFTTT integration.

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So… You go through the trouble of buying a fancy real-world physical button to give a tactile interface to the Internet, only to route it to a virtual switch in that world. :wink: … Seems more ironic than it actually is.