Bseed (Mvava) Tuya Smartlife 3 Gang Zigbee Smart EU UK 157mm DTH?

OK, if it’s Zigbee you are likely to run into an issue that affects all of the Tuya made Zigbee switches, which is that they use a proprietary cluster to handle their multi endpoint devices. So it’s very likely that the first gang will work, but the other two will not.

There is custom Groovy code that people have working with some versions of this device, but each individual reseller can change the firmware somewhat and the existing versions may not work with the one you have. So it can Be a lot of work ahead. :thinking:

The most recent discussion on this, but for a different brand, is in the following thread. It’s possible that that device handler might work with your switch, but then again it might not. And of course all of this will have to be completely rewritten for the new edge architecture, but at the current time, that does not support multi gang switches.

[Device Handler] Moes 3 gang Zigbee wall switch ( cluster EF00)

I’ll be honest, if it was me I wouldn’t be investing in tuya Zigbee switches at this time, I would wait until there was an edge driver for them. But obviously it’s your choice.

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