[BROKEN] NST Manager v5.0 (Does Not Work Anymore)

In your Nest Mobile app

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Open the NST Manager 123 and screen shot that. I want to make sure it shows added and not pending

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Now my notifications are saying I need 5.2.1, but my IDE says I am all updated.


You created your Nest Developer Account already?

I am on 5.2.3 (updated through IDE), but the ST app (Android) keeps notifying me there is a new 5.2.1 update. The smartapp on the ST app shows 5.2.3, and there is no available Github update on the IDE.
Am I missing doing something?

I am getting the same thing. These update notifications are getting really annoying. Yesterday they told me I need 5.2.0 and I was on 5.2.1 and now I am getting prompted to upgrade to 5.2.1 and I am running that version. These notifications are popping up hourly since I upgraded the Automations SA on Dec 16th. Can they be turned off? @tonesto7


Same here.

I’ve only had the app for 4 days. My push notifications were off and when I turned them on a second a ago, I received the same message. I’m on 5.2.3 and all is running well, but the message is as others have received for a lower rev. I’m just posting this for the record. My install is new and puny and is not causing me any grief as of now. I’m just going to turn off the alerts.

Got an offline notification for all except one Nest Protect. Now they all show online…Never seen this before…Got the notification for update, but I might have updated prior to the notification…can’t see to update more.

Thanks, I must have missed that reading. That worked though. Thanks again WB70

Is there a way that I can historically look at Usage History graphs on demand day by day? I see there is a month to month chart in the Device itself, but wondering if there is a way I can manually generate those graphs? Even if it means using iFTTT, WebCoRE Fuel Streams, etc.

same as @nycjoker and @rudyinDana - quote annoying all these false alarms. is there any way to disable version checking in the smart app rather than all notificaitons in smart things?

Guys. I see that I need to enable public sharing of my camera. I see I can add a password to the public stream which I would prefer than just wide open. Is it possible to add this password / URL in ST NST Manager? I can’t seem to see where.

If this is not possible then I need to uninstall the app. Its one thing requiring public access but another if you can use the password that is used on the nest camera. Please someone tell me I am just not seeing where ti input this password.

That’s not possible in this version of the SmartApp. Don’t know if this is a possibility in a future release. That’s a question for @tonesto7

As for setting your cameras up in Nest itself and viewing publicly without a password, it still generates a key unique to that camera to allow it to be viewed.

If you refresh that, a new key is generated and that must be supplied in the url as a whole to view the camera. I’m all about keeping big brother out, but with this key, it’s unlikely that you are going to be hacked. If someone wants to get in, they are going to get in, password or not (jmo). I have it turned on for all 5 of my cameras and using this functionality to be able to access all my cameras via ActionTiles instead of from within NST Manager.

NST Manager serves a bigger purpose than just the cameras anyway. Such as being able to set your Nest environment to Away automatically when SmartThings goes into Away mode and setting Thermostat schedules, Remote Sensors, etc. You don’t have to do anything with your cameras. Leave them as is (you don’t need to have them viewed publicly), you just won’t be able to access the feed from the devices in ST. They will still grab snapshots of motion detected though (I believe).

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As a number of others are mentioning, I’m getting continued update available notifications. I’ve gotten them for 3 straight days now, but there is nothing available when I attempt to update in the IDE. Any help would be appreciated.

@tonesto7 posted a couple of days ago that he found an issue and thought he rectified it, but obviously you are still getting these notifications.

I realize that this is a nuisance for some of you, but as long as NST Manager is functioning appropriately, you will have to deal with these little annoying messages for the short term until Anthony can re address this. Remember, it is the holidays right now and people are on vacation.

For those of you who can’t wait and the OCD is taking over, you can update to the beta version v5.30 as I posted how to do a few days ago. :grinning:


Ok.Thanks you. Its pants we can’t use the password. I was going to look at Blue Iris but its the same with the password requirement. The next issue. Is there anyway when I open the app that the camera video is playing without me having to press play?

This is one of my primary reasons for using ActionTiles so that all my camera feeds are live and visible without having the need to go into the ST App, selecting the device and then pressing Play.

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How do I get on board with ActionTiles? Is this a separate app to ST? I love the ST integration.