[BROKEN] NST Manager v5.0 (Does Not Work Anymore)

Thanks! That was it! I updated the permissions and it seems to be working now :slight_smile:

sorry about that :frowning:
I’ve corrected the issue. when your clients checkin again they will pull in the correct appData version info and the update notifications will stop


I’ve been using the manager for a while with my thermostat working perfectly. I added a Nest Cam today to my setup, is there anything I need to do for it to show up in Physical Devices in NST Manager?

Ensure the camera device handler is installed in ST IDE, then add the device to your Nest account, then finally in Nest Manager add the camera device (under manage devices)

If you want to see the camera stream in ST, ensure you follow the instructions:


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It is installed, this is why I am confused.
Should it show here?

They should show up there.

ensure they are properly setup in you nest account, and that they were installed the location you are using.

What version of NST Manager are you running?

Did you create a Nest Developer account already, or are you using a token that was autogenerated from NST Manager (the old way)?

Latest version of everything installed and linked to my own Dev account

Ok cool.

Do me a favor and open NST Manager and re-authenticate to Nest again. Application preferences / Nest login preferences / Logout and reset Nest token.

See if that allows it to show.

No joy I’m afraid!

Thats not good.

See where it shows ‘null’ for your Location. This is an issue.

Login to your Nest Developer Account. Verify the 5 permissions are there and all correct. Ignore the Structure permission that I have:

After you check that, go over to your Nest App and see if you have any new messages at the top of the app console.

The Location and the Home / Away Status should look similar to this:

A couple of months ago, a few people experienced an issue with this happening to either the Location and/or the Home Away Status showing null.

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I have updated those, and got a notification, I now can’t see any devices and it is still showing null

On the Notification, did you open it up and scroll down to the bottom and press Allow?

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I did, yes

Ok, exit out of NST Manager. Then go back into it and then reset the token again

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This is reminiscent of the issue a couple months ago.

Go into Nest and goto Works with Nest and open your connection to ST and screenshot that.

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