[BROKEN] NST Manager v5.0 (Does Not Work Anymore)

I can’t even get mine to integrate to my SHM within ST, unless I am missing something I need to have the integration with ST working

Is there anything we can do to use the nest manager? What if we created a new account?

No, as mentioned in this thread many many times, unfortunately there is nothing you can do.


The only thing you can do is let Google know how they’ve royally screwed the entire Nest platform.


An update since my posts yesterday.

I purchased a $20 Wyze cam and couldn’t be more thrilled.

I only use my cam as a baby monitor. So the extent of my ST integration was to turn the camera off and on when I ran good night and good morning routines.

I looked into using IFTTT and a simulated switch to do this, but Google doesn’t allow IFTTT to turn Nest cams off and on. So I turned to Wyze and was able to do exactly this.

I have a simulated switch I’m using within my ST routines to toggle the camera on and off.

Bonus: I use ActionTiles on a wall-mounted tablet. The Nest integration was always wonky, but with the Wyze integration with TinyCam, I can put an actual video feed (mjpeg, actually) of the baby monitor right in ActionTiles.

So there you go. My $200 cam has been replaced with a $20 alternative, and I couldn’t be happier!


I’ve heard neos smartcam in the U.K. is just a rebranded Wyze cam.

I’d be interested to know how you got yours integrated with ST. I’ve spoke to neos and they tell me they have it on their todo list. But if it is just a rebranded wyze cam then I would probably be able to get it to work myself.

I’ve officially marked this as broken :slight_smile:
It was a great run thanks for everything @E_Sch


And let’s not forget the huge contribution(s) you yourself have made, for which I for one am very grateful for.

Thank you Anthony!


Hello all. I don’t need to express my frustration. You’ve already done that for me. Here’s my issue. I have 10 Nest paperweights (formerly thermostats) now. Gens 2 and 3. I know everything that’s going on with WWN and Google. All my thermostats were working fine prior to August 31. Now some are falling like flies and are not communicating with Nest from ST. The strange thing is that yesterday, one of them started connecting again. Here’s the curious thing. Some properties have two exact thermostats installed at the same time. One works fine and the other one does not. When I say “working” I mean connecting through ST. I’ve checked the code and it’s identical. So when it comes to the issue of tokens, wouldn’t that affect both thermostats and not just one? Any ideas or workarounds would be great. Believe me, I want to throw them away as I’ve spent years and a lot of money adapting them to what I need which is to shut down when doors and windows are open. Without that they’re worthless, but don’t want to spend a few thousands if there’s workaround or a future solution from Google. Thank you.

There is a future solution, the question is, are you ready to wait for the summer of 20xx release of their new API?

With that being said, @tonesto7 and @E_Sch have done the impossible to provide an awesome solution when everyone was saying that is not feasible to integrate Nest products in SmartThings’ world. I hope that when the Nest releases the new API, the NST Manager will be resuscitated. To the people who contributed to NST Manager over the years, BIG thank you for your contributions, it was a fun ride that made many homes a lot smarter.


My 2 thermostats, 8 smoke detectors and presense sensor started working again. Didn’t do anything to my setup, so for now I’m a happy camper. Huge thanks to @tonesto7 and others for this integration!

Are you saying that NST Manager is working again and you can control from your app?

Yes :slight_smile: 10 chars

It has been working for me all along :slight_smile:


just wondering. i came across one of your post stating to some effect considering to use the new smartthings app which i heeded BUT seem to NOT find NST MANAGER among my smartapps. Is this related to talks about NST MANAGER not working anymore?

thanks in advance.

Click on the three bars in the upper left of the screen, then settings (the cog) and Connected Services. All cloud-to-cloud apps will be found there.

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People need to keep in mind that Google/Nest are in the midst of migrating and so are making lots of breaking changes right now. Nest platform stability has been even worse than normal lately judging by the various Facebook groups and subreddits.

The best thing to do, is do nothing if it’s not working and it should come back.

Though going into NST Manager and pressing ‘Save’ to back out again shouldn’t hurt.


thank you. saw the google logo and tried the best i can with my big fingers not to accidentally tap it. lol.

while i have your help, where do i find z wave utilities where i can exclude and do a repair?

again my thanks.

Click on your hub from either the main screen or the devices screen. Then click the three dots in the upper right of the screen. You will find the z-wave utilities there.

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thank you.

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