[BROKEN] NST Manager v5.0 (Does Not Work Anymore)

Currently I have my Nest switch to 17 when me and my wife leave ( away mode )
Recently though ive seen it switch to that on its own when ST is in home mode. ( it should be 22 when in home mode )

Has anyone else experienced this?
Also, is there an update for this as i keep getting notifications but i seen on here last week that it was just a bug?


Not aware of a bug in nest manager.

ST platform had a lot of issues this week. Good idea to go into Nest manager and hit “save”. Also make sure the SmartApp and DTHs are up to date.

ERIC how’s do you find out and see if it needs an update? Thanks.


I can’t remember if you enabled manually copied / pasted all the code or if you have GitHub enabled. If it’s the latter, then here’s a little reading material.


Hint: Find Color-coded names :grinning:

I’m having this same problem with a new Nest Protect I’ve just added… NST Manager finds it, and lists it, but won’t add the Device.

If I go into Device Customisation/Device Names, it still shows up as “New Name: Nest Protect - Shed”, whereas the other two existing ones show as “Found”

Could there be an API delay?

A few noob questions about the Event History Chart:

  1. How do you navigate to the additional pages indicated by the “<1/4>” icon? See post 1804 for pic.
  2. Is there a key that describes what the lines in the chart represent?
  3. Could use of AUX1/AUX2/Emergency heat modes be added to the chart?

When you are in NST Manager you need to perform the Save or Done buttons all the way through so that the NST Manager application completely saves. It will take you all the way back to Automations / Smartapps. Then your device should show in Things if I try and decipher what you wrote. :grin:

Yep. I’m doing that, still not creating the device

I would turn on Live Logging and see what shows under the NST Manager and the Protect Device (if it creates a log) Logs. See if there are any noticeable errors that stand out.

Also, are you using the original token that NST Manager used to provide or did you create a Nest Developer account for your token?

Do you have any new messages in the Nest App itself?

And are the SmartApps and Device Handlers all current in IDe? What version does NST Manager show in the mobile app?

ah. it’s all the original token… I guess that’s the problem then?

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No not necessarily. I’m just asking all questions pertinent to your issue to try and narrow down why you see the Nest Protect in NST Manager and why it isn’t added to Things. You only answered 1 of the questions I asked.

My apologies.

SA and DTHs are all up to date via GitHub integration.
NST Manager SA v5.2.7
Nest Protect DTH v5.2.0

No additional messages in the Nest App.

Log returns the below:

> 2:37:14 PM: debug NST Manager | NST Manager Updated...with settings: [showProtActEvts:true, structures:zkqFBtYWzSMV4SeOFSmfZuUWqfedFH-kKX0lkVS7xrIl_DbBRUNceg, useMilitaryTime:true, prot_zND5KyCkTz___hOj3Q0kdlAxor0r-MP2_lbl:Nest Protect - Upstairs, usePush:false, prot_zND5KyCkTz_XlwOCDqZVD1Axor0r-MP2_lbl:Nest Protect - Printer, pollValue:180, notifyMsgWaitVal:3600, restStreaming:false, mobileClientType:ios, protects:[zND5KyCkTz-B2C_GmcGzEFAxor0r-MP2, zND5KyCkTz___hOj3Q0kdlAxor0r-MP2, zND5KyCkTz_XlwOCDqZVD1Axor0r-MP2], optInSendExceptions:true, presDevice:false, useAltNames:false, pollStrValue:180, useCustDevNames:false, locPresChangeMsg:true, disableAllAutomations:false, optInAppAnalytics:true, pollWaitVal:10, disAppIcons:false, devNameOverride:true, weatherDevice:false, prot_zND5KyCkTz-B2C_GmcGzEFAxor0r-MP2_lbl:Nest Protect - Downstairs]


I am starting to see this more and more. I am still able to adjust things but when I go into the Nest it shows offline. The only bad thing is is that if for some reason my temp sensors don’t provide NST manager with an update temp reading then it can get really hot and I cant make changes with the nest app. I have to get my fat A&& off my chair and go turn it down. Because of this I have put in a fail safe so that the nest does not go crazy. Yes I could probably use the NST App but for some reason I always default back to the Nest to see what it is thinks is the temp and the target temp.

Hey all…

Debating between the ADT start up security kit and nest secure…anyone using nest secure with smart things integration?

I have held out for a few reasons:

  • Waiting for Yale to release the Linus (integrates with Secure) Lock <— rebranded as Nest x Yale Lock
  • Waiting for Nest Hello (video doorbell) to be released
  • Waiting for any initial bug releases to be fixed
  • Waiting to see if they open the API for the Secure so that it can be integrated into 3rd party apps (NST Manager)
  • The fact that their monitoring service (MONI) will only call the police and not the fire Dept (for the Protect Smoke / CO) kind of bothers me for the $24.99 / $34.99 price point
  • The fact that Nest already integrates with the likes of Hue and LIFX and being able to turn on / off lights in conjunction with an intrusion is a plus.
  • Battery / Cellular backup is a plus

If/when the additional devices are released, that’s probably enough that I will purchase it so that I have an independent ecosystem with more reliability / stability (based in the reliability / up time of all my existing Nest products) separated from my SmartThings Home Automation environment (maybe some crossover) and self monitor for the time being.

Yesterday I added in another smoke/co and a nest camera to the nest app. Now I want to add them into NST Manager but have run into a problem. I’ve had NST Manager running smoothly for a while now but can’t seem to open my devices within the app to add the new devices. I’ve attached two screenshots. The first one shows that I already have it all setup and have devices already added. The second shows what I get when I “Tap to modify devices”. I’ve hit that #%@! button several times over the past two days trying to get my new devices added. Thanks for any help!

Updated today to v5.2.9 but still getting the same “Something went wrong”.

This same thing happened a week or two ago to another person who added a new device and the Modify button led to an issue. @NOITAIDAR is experiencing a similar issue as well. He added a New Nest Device from NST Manager and although it shows under devices, it never actually created the Device under Things. I believe that he can still click on Modify devices without an issue though.

The only way I can get you out of trouble is by removing / uninstalling everything which I don’t recommend.

In order to be able to track this down, the developers will need to look at specific logs to troubleshoot what is happening. Whether they want you to turn on Live Logging or Web Diagnostics so they can look at the direct url to the internal logs, you will have to wait for an answer from either @E_Sch or @tonesto7 to see what they want you to turn on or check. In the meantime, I would try not removing anything at all. Do your existing devices still function and report under Things?

Interesting…I went to my current devices and they seem to be hit or miss. My two Protects show me the info screen sometimes…other times it just spins. My Thermostat flashes the info screen for a split second and then I just get the blue spinning circle. So I can’t control it.

This is the only line showing up in the Live Logging every 3 minutes:
6:01:19 PM: info ||| NST Manager | Updating Structure Data (Last Updated: 179 seconds ago) | Updating Device Data (Last Updated: 179 seconds ago) (async)

By the way, I’m using Android 8.1.0

That’s a known bug with Android. All you have to do is swipe down on your screen when you see blue circle.

If you want to see the HTML info again for each device, then you need to force stop the app. Then the next time you open TStat or camera, swipe down on screen and all will load 1x. There is a large message about Android as well the first time you open the device letting you know. This issue has been there since the beginning.

Fyi: The newer version coming allows you to view the HTML data from another place in NST Manager where this issue won’t occur.

Ya unfortunately there isn’t much to go on with this. The developers may have you turn on Diagnostic logging to see if they can see more.