[BROKEN] NST Manager v5.0 (Does Not Work Anymore)

Oh ok. I will update.

Can I share a little screenshot? A teaser of that screen like you guys showed in the other SmartApp? So they can get a hint at what’s coming?

you Sure can

Did you turn that function off in one of the previous updates? I didn’t see it, so I went ahead and updated from Repo to get latest update, but that option still isn’t visible.

Thanks for the response and useful info for the future. You are off course correct Yes i deleted the code and replaced with the new and republished using the manual process outlined in the notes.

From reading the notes I was previously under he impression that the Gig hub integration only worked in the US. I used the manual process to set it up originally and assumed that would be the simple way.

When i get a chance will try the integration and see if it works.

The good news is that everything is working.

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I found my screenshot from when it was previously enabled / visible and when I ran through it. Let me know when you update it again with the updater available so I can run through the process again.

For all NST Manager customers, here is a little sneak peak at what you can expect to see in the future.

The days of logging into IDE to update are in the past!


this looks amazing!!!

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It’s super quick and painless, and it changes the way the game is played! :grinning:

200w (4)

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I’m on the beta but because I was on the repo page anyway I updated the old boring way because i didn’t know, so missed out this time :frowning: . Buzzing about a later update :smile:

Could this be done on other SA’s? thinking webCore :thinking:

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Wow, incredibly slick. Amazing work, @tonesto7 !

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Of course it can… I’m sure others will hijack it in no time
I’m planning on packaging it up and sending to adrian for webcore


You will also see it soon in another existing popular SmartApp :smile:

Telling you, it changes the way the game is played. New rules!


Awesome! So is it something you have been working on the side? Is there anything in particular that is needed for it to work or just the github integration set up.

It was built for the upcoming Echosistant App.
The only require is GitIntegration

what one, what one! i’m getting excited now :joy::star_struck:

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That’s one you will have to do a little research on. The same sneak peak was posted in that thread as well. Have to keep you guessing. If you find it, keep it to yourself. It’s an Easter egg.

I kind of wish I went down the echo route to use your new SA now :frowning: but I went for google home route.

It’s never too late. Whats the specific use case that you want to perform with Echo that you are unable to do with GH?

nothing specific I think you can do most things on both but the SA sounds like its going to be awesome!

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Even their current version is pretty awesome. But the next version is supposed to go completely off the rails and you now know who is also on that team. :grin: