[BROKEN] NST Manager v5.0 (Does Not Work Anymore)

I needed to reset my nest token but when I got to the authorisation page I got the dreaded Oops! We’ve encountered an error. Please try again.

I haven’t converted to a Google account so I would expect this to still work. Any ideas?

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My understanding of Google Nest mess is that existing connections to third party services would continue to work until Google decides to close it off. But if anyone switched to a Google account or disconnected any current Connections between Nest and third-party services then there would be no way to reconnect those third party connections to Nest. Maybe I am wrong and hopefully someone will correct me if I am.

Unless that third party had switched to the new google API. And right now, I have only heard of Alexa doing that with a new skill.

So if you removed your token, I believe you are out-of-luck.

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Well, that’s that then. I’ve removed all the NST devices and smartapps and will now sit back in my slightly dumber house waiting for some proper integration with Google Nest to be released. Could be a long wait.

Save a dollar for each day you wait and you’ll be able to buy Ecobee before Google Nest releases a decent API.


Or just use Z-Wave Smoke Alarms / Thermostats.

I absolutely love my Nest Thermostat / Protects but after Google’s mess, I’m likely going to be switching to Z-Wave devices.

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@yvesracine, you are asking for donation from @stuartcummings before he even saved one dollar towards his Ecobee? That’s a little excessive :slight_smile:

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Nest is dead, long live to the ecobee! I’ve always said that the ecobee is far better since day one.

He can probably trade its Nest for an ecobee (but not in any automation forum for sure)…

Nest is now just a paperweight in any automation forum…

I hope they live, they had more outages lately than Nest ever had. :rofl:


Stop. Advertising. Your. Crap. In other people’s threads. Jesus dude you just don’t get it do you.


Any API outage doesn’t affect the thermostat unit’s operations…

I’ve developed some custom DTHs for both thermostats (ecobee and Nest)…

And, I know for a fact that the Nest APIs are less reliable and have less features than the ecobee APIs (despite the outages)…

And, it’s not gonna get better with Google

That’s LITERALLY what you do all the time. You have zero self awareness or you do, and you still do it on purpose which is even worse.

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You’re not though, you’re 100% serious, you’re just trying to save face now and I haven’t developed anything but then neither have you with your personality.

This is the last thing I’ll be saying in response to you on this thread. Have fun.

Can we get this thread back to being about NST Manager v5.0 please. It is not about Ecobee or anything else. Take advertisements elsewhere.


This will have to be completely rewritten to use native nest APIs like this:

I’m no longer able to grab wind and wind gusts from Nest Weather. Did I miss something?

So what is the story with this? Should it still work? I only use it for heat and have therefore not noticed anything out of the ordinary… In the summer. However, I just noticed that it didn’t get temperature data from the nest in 3 weeks. Any help would be appreciated.

It will continue to work until you migrate your nest account to Google.

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Go in to the NST Manager SmartApp in the Classic app and click save.

Is it possible to turn Nest camera schedules on and off via any API?

When I’m home, I have a couple Nest Outdoor cams that I have scheduled to be on only at night. When we are “away” they are switched on.

But if we’re away for an extended trip, the schedule causes them to go off.

I’d like to be able to turn the schedules off when we’re gone on a trip, then back on when we return.

None that I am aware of. I disabled the schedule for cams in the Nest app and turn streaming on/off through a WebCoRE piston. That way I get the schedule as you described above.

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