[BROKEN] NST Manager v5.0 (Does Not Work Anymore)

I said it was a smart design idea I didn’t ever insinuate it made it superior.
Thank you for bringing a smile to my face today…


So, I have come to this very late, but can new users still access NST Manager until they shut API access off? It looks like you can’t do anything new on developers.nest.com.

Yes it will work until they turn off the API. I will try to make the changes to include the token and secret into the app so you don’t have to create a dev account. I might have a few hundred slots available still on one of my products.


Thanks @tonesto7!

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sorry i havent been following religiously BUT im surmising NST manager 5.0 will not work anymore after August?

It will work until they turn off the API which sounds like it will be delayed until they make the new API similar to the old one (They will never allow Home/Away)

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Will you update this thread when you release the new version with the tokens @tonesto7?

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What I use NST manager for is to turn the Furnace or AC off when the family leaves the back doors open. I assume this will stop working as well? Just want to say thanks for all the work over the years.

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I’m feeling confident that this is not the end of Nest control under ST. Things will be reverse engineered.


i like how it will automatically set the thermostat depending on what the weather is outside…

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I have a commit pending review from my team mate. (It’s late and I don’t want to make any mistakes because i’m tired)

I will hopefully have a push out tomorrow.


Thanks for passing this letter from Michele Turner on. Pushing this through under the guise of privacy really angers me and as a result I’m going to be ditching my Nest hardware (thermostat, 3 cams) & camera subscription.

I’m going to move to another manufacturer that gives me the choice of what I can do with my hardware.

Using Home/Away Status via the API should be my choice. It’s my home. I make my privacy decisions, not Google.

I was just going to go buy a 4th cam, guess I’ll be spending that money with somebody else.


Watching closely for an update on this. I just found out about this smartapp and I would really like to use it even if its only for a few months

I don’t have a problem if the manufacturer tells me how to use their hardware. It is my choice to buy the hardware that best suits my needs.

HOWEVER, I do have a big problem with those who decide to change the rules of the game long after the game started. If apps like NST Manager weren’t possible or that so many other official “Works with Nest” integrations didn’t exist, I would’ve never bought into the Nest Universe. Therefore, I cannot wait for the new Ecobee 4+ to come out :slight_smile: @tonesto7 & @E_Sch is the EcoB Manager ready yet? :slight_smile:

I agree. That’s exactly what I’m getting at. We’re just dealing with semantics.

I bought their hardware, based on features that were present at the time. Now they are stripping those features back, making their hardware that I purchased no longer suit my needs and presenting the change as protection of my privacy.

They don’t need to make that choice for me, but since they are compelled to do so, my alternative is to dump them and support someone else.

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I assume I am going to just have to install fresh since it’s in My SmartApps but it’s not showing as an app because I couldn’t setup integration without a dev account? I am a newbie to installing apps in the IDE so I am not sure how to update them.

You may want to check out the Community SmartApp installer. You will still need to install the custom code for this app but once you do - installing and updating other apps is much simpler.

You can also refer to the wiki page for installation and updating NST Manager.

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That’s actually how I got it installed in the first place! I guess I do remember seeing where occasionally things will say Update, so I’ll keep an eye out there.

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I really appreciate the work that Tonesto7 and E_Sch put into the NST Manager. Thank you.


I just pushed up version 5.6.4 with the tokens embedded


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