[BROKEN] NST Manager v5.0 (Does Not Work Anymore)

You’re not wrong… RIP third party integrations :’(

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They age out. :scream:

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No offense, but that is a very bad idea. Consumer HA is not nearly robust enough to rely on it to save your home or business in the event of a fire and I believe even ST’s EULA agreement specifically states something to that effect.


I’ve really enjoyed using NST Manager, but it might not be functional soon.

Google just announced that they will be discontinuing the Works with Nest program and with it the Nest API by August, to be replaced with “Works with Google Assistant” and a far stricter partner program.

I really hope that Nest products can continue to be used with Alexa and SmartThings but its looking like Google intends to close off their home automation ecosystem.

Time to start planning to rip out my two zone Nest Thermostats, and I’m glad I never bought into the other Nest products.

Anyone else experiencing issues with their Nest Cams not responding to ST commands? I can no longer turn cams off and on, or view them within ST.

my nest cams are working fine from ST

Man, I’ve completely removed and re-added them, and they still aren’t responding reliably.

This does not sound good. I understand privacy concerns but I do not understand reducing my functionality…

I hope you guys can get a works with Google Assistant function going. I already is it for simple commands but I’m mostly concerned about remote thermostats.

I’m thankfully I haven’t invested in Alexa.

surprisingly my cameras are still working fine.

I emailed the head of nest and actually got a response from google. Looks like they will be adding functionality back to the works with google API but home/away reading will be gone for good. Not sure how this affects NST Manager but gives a lot of clarity on where we are all headed.

In my use cases, I really did not need to know home/away from nest - more I wanted to correctly set home/away from the home automation.

Unfortunately I expect google will lump these two together that you cannot know, and you cannot set.

In short, I see no reason to trust them. If they will rip things out without a replacement, they will decide the replacement can do next to nothing…

It is also interesting that the trust they ask for cannot be verified, unless you manually go into their app and make the setting. What is the point of automation that is “manual”.

Privacy is an interesting claim. It seems they are starting the rule you can use privacy as the claim for any decision you wish to make.

If you presume every vendor applies the approach - nothing will work together.


I’m.not worried about home or away. I have webcore to set nest to eco or heat.

A decission to throw away countless hours of work that business partners have spent promoting your services, even if it’s in the name of a greater good, but without the means to preserve their work, deserves nothing but consumer boycott.

Have you guys started working on the Ecobee Manager yet?

There are already a few Ecobee device managers available:

For what it’s worth I have tried both of these suites (yes I even paid for the one made by yves) but I think I like the one made by Storage Anarchy better.


Three times the charm. I know @tonesto7 and @E_Sch would deliver an exceptional Ecobee suite if they put their minds to it :slight_smile: Plus, after September, they might just need a new project to play with…

I have absolutely no doubt that they would… I was merely saying that there are already some great alternatives.

To be clear I have used the NST Manager for quite a few years now and only switched to the Ecobee last weekend so I’m still figuring stuff out.

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I am right behind you… been using NST manager for a long time, but as soon as Ecobee 4+ comes out, or September arrives, I am switching (whichever occurs first) :smile:

Does anyone else get frequent reminders to update NST Manager in the IDE, even though it’s already up to date? Any tips on stopping this would be gratefully received.