[BROKEN] NST Manager v5.0 (Does Not Work Anymore)

When are you receiving something is wrong? In the devices or in NST Manager the SmartApp?

You shouldn’t be seeing this anywhere.

When just on the device, so on my iPhone, if i looking at things, click on the thermostat, it brings up the screen where can change tempt, heat and home option etc. Every now and again that is then replace by the somethings wrong message

That may be a platform / mobile app issue. ST has been rolling out different versions to iOS and Android.

As long as it is displaying for you at all, that tells me it’s not the SmartApp causing issues. :slight_smile:

I’m in my vehicle. Just opened up a camera and a thermostat. No errors for me. However, even when the outage email went out, i wasn’t affected then, so I’m not sure how much I was even if at all impacted by the outage. Beep beep… :slight_smile:

And so you don’t think I am. Hehe

Opened up about 20 other types of devices to try and reproduce. I can’t.

Same here … And notice the text over icon issues too. I guess ST have changed how things are rendered yet again. Same issue appearing on other devices.

Also something wrong between the up and down arrows on the main tile and the ST icon before the humidity (the latter is also appearing on other devices).

NST Manager has been telling me all day that there is a update available for Nest Manager. Current: v5.3.2 | New: 5.3.3.

In the IDE, I see the Smart App listed, but I don’t see any changes when I try to update from the nest-manager repo. Do I have to sync something else? I followed a guide and believe I’m pulling straight from the tonesto7 repo, not some fork I don’t think…

Also, I keep noticing my thermostat in Eco mode. I have “Set ECO based on External Temp” enabled but the parameters should not be in range to do this. It has happened several times and gets out of ECO mode when I change thermostat to heating mode (it doesn’t immediately return.) Any suggestions?

Just updated to the latest version and got the same screen an error message…


I’m fairly sure this is a ST issue, not NST Manager. There are problems with other devices too. Likely caused by recent app changes and/or changes in the cloud.

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My hub updated on 2/1. Now running 000.020.00017. I have the same Nest error, but I haven’t noticed in other devices.

I would say it has nothing to do with NST Manager. Others reported some of these messages with their devices throughout the community associated with the outage.

Let me clarify - If it has something to do with the NST DTHs, it wouldn’t be directly caused by NST Manager, but something on the ST side that changed.

Although I wasn’t really impacted with this outage, I have noticed a couple of goofy things. Go try running Z-Wave Repair from either the App or IDE and see if it works. It doesn’t even start (nothing logged). Also,the Smart Locks went out to lunch again when using custom DTHs. Good times :slight_smile:

I only see this behavior in iOS. On my Galaxy tablet there are no display issues or unexpected error.

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It’s pretty common for rendering issues, when they happen, to present differently in Android vs iOS.

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Everything else is functioning correctly.

Figured out the double word display issue…smartthings app is for some reason displaying the tile “state” attribute if a label is not set for the tile. This apparently wasn’t done before, but adding ’ label:"", ’ to any of the tiles that show this behavior gets rid of it for me. Hopefully this was just a mistake in the update and it will get fixed soon?

Yes, ST changed how displays “work” in a recent IOS update. There are other threads on the incompatibilities and lack of testing that was done in this release. They say they are going to address these soon, so we will have to see what they “fix”.

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All of these platform issues are causing issues. This isn’t an NST issue. Open app press done it will likely start polling again. We have a lot of protections in place to prevent it but if scheduling doesn’t fire your data doesn’t update

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Ive gotten everything installed and I can see the app in smart things but the status page is saying client ID and secret are missing. Ive went through the wiki for the past hour or so and could not figure out what I am doing wrong. Can anyone provide a direct link or offer assistance to get past this issue? Thanks alot in advance



Nest Developer account section