[BROKEN] NST Manager v5.0 (Does Not Work Anymore)

That’s for the developers @jkp. No time to troubleshoot this one. :slight_smile:

Or you can help Shane and troubleshoot it with him. Also see if the simulated function in NST Manager under “Tap to modify devices” (scroll to bottom) works.

Are you referring to the “Nest Protect Alarm Simulation” under Device Selection? If so…that doesn’t work either. When I tap it, the page that shows says “Something’s Wrong” “We can’t load your screen right now.”

What client do you use? Android or iOS?

There seems to be a lot of platform issues lately that are breaking stuff

I’m on Android.

I just got home and validated the Nest Protect Alarm Simulation on Android.


I get the same result:


I had Live Logging going and nothing is recorded in the Nest Manager or Protect Logs. I turned on the Web Diagnostics page as well and don’t see anything logged in there either.

I am able to duplicate this and will have a fix out this afternoon


I am grateful to anyone that releases anything to improve the SmartThings environment. I hope you can get this fixed, so I actually experience this intregration as you intended. Thanks!

The bottom line with the Nest Protect integration does come down to a speedy response though. If it takes to long to show in ST, I can’t really think of a reason to mess with it. What has the average delay time been for NST Manager to show a Protect actuation when it is working properly?

Folks, I am wondering if it is possible to create an event that will trigger a notification. Here’s the scenario…

I have a home with HVAC on a Nest thermostat.
I have a whole house fan.
This is a vacation home, so we are not there all the time.

I want to poll the temp. outside (via local weather station, virtual temp, etc.) and compare to the house temp (via nest thermostat) so that I can trigger a push notification that says something like “It is now cooler outside, turn on your whole house fan”.

I do not want to automate this (yet) because I haven’t A) figured out how to wire the fan correctly (2 speed fan with timer) B) Since I’m only there primarily on weekends, I don’t need to manage the house temp when I’m not there. It’s doesn’t get critically hot, just uncomfortable.

Thanks for all the help! NST Manager FTW!!! :wink:

So…during the battle, it was mentioned that NST Manager can be set to poll more often? Where can this be found?

In the NST Manager SmartApp > Application Preferences > Device | Structure Polling >


you could do this with webCoRE. Search for webcore and see their forum

Cool, thanks. Do you think this would have a significant impact on battery life? As of now, I have made it more than a year on a battery with one of my protects.

Any progress on figuring out the brokenness of the app yet?

We can’t actually wake any of the devices using the API (this is by nest design), basically when you poll the data if it’s changed then it will update the device to reflect the changed data.

This has never worked on mine either, but just assumed i was missing something

I found the issue. I will push out the fix if my family cooperates tonight

brilliant :smile: thanks. What should it do? As I only have one protect I have never been bothered with it, but am planning on filling my home with them. I’m still hoping for a API change that will expose the PIR in real time; however unlikely that is to happen but one can dream :smile:

Going to be a lot of dreams that are unfulfilled in the morning Borris :slight_smile:. Unless Nest releases something new in their end, this won’t happen.


Everything from the Nest API is being used in NST Manager as most of the other API for the other devices with a few exceptions.

One last warning - please keep discussion on topic and civil. We are usually very lax with enforcement but I don’t think that this approach is working in this situation. Keep comparisons with other available DTHs for Nest out of this thread - the last thing that I want to do is to have to close a thread for a community DTH. If you would like to have such a discussion please have it in a different thread and be respectful.


Thank you for adding HTML tiles support for Android users even though browser gets opened.

I have (2) Nest Thermostats but only one has statistics being reported in the graphs. Both have correct info in the first tile which reports status and version but only the first Thermostat has graphs populated.

Am I missing some setting? Thanks.

This is the first i’m hearing of missing data. Can you share some screen shots?