[BROKEN] NST Manager v5.0 (Does Not Work Anymore)

Whew. Didn’t think that was going to be that easy.

Ok, so now the 2nd issue we need to resolve is your device handlers. Let me find my previous post for someone else so you can update all 5 of those.

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Ok so follow these steps. The end goal is that all device handlers are Black (Code current) and not blue with magnifying glass. For the step when pressing "Overwrite Local code - Wait 10 seconds before proceeding - this gives the code time to copy to the local code section on the right)

all are black now!

Was old post I wrote.

Overwrite Local Code

And Local Version

Press button on left. Wait 10 seconds, push button on right, wait until it says updated. Close window.

Lol ok. So weather does it still show magnifying glass? If yes, repeat the process again and wait 15 seconds after pressing Overwrite… It’s larger code.

Perfect! So now here is the link to the outage going on. SmartThings staff responded to it a few minutes ago so they are working on it to get everything back online. Don’t mess with any of your Nest Devices until you start to see the all clear from people in this thread.

And good luck with your wife and the baby. Early congrats!

FYI: After everything is up and running, I’m hoping there is no fall back from NST Manager being installed multiple times, and because you were able to remove those extras, I don’t anticipate any issues, but it’s still a possibility, so just keep that in mind as well.

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I’ll say! I just got the text that it was 80 and still running… It is off now but I think it got stuck on again. What is the quickest and easiest way to disable all of my automations so I can easily re-enable them once ST gets its act together?

You know what would really be good. If you can turn on live logging in IDE and try and reproduce the issue again and have the thermostat continue running and see if something gets picked up in the logs that can then be reviewed by the developer. FYI: don’t post your logs out here. Send a pm to @tonesto7 if you are able to reproduce the issue. Nest Manager Log and Thermostat Log would be where to look.

Another thing that would be good to see is exactly how you have your NST Automations / Schedules for the Thermostats / Remote Sensors all setup based on screenshots from start to finish.

I’ve installed the NST smart app/manager via IDE and the device handlers and I can see the nest in my list of things on the mobile app. However when I click on the thermostat in the list of things I just get a spinning blue circle and nothing loads. Any ideas why that would be?

Strangle enough I can also see the current temp on the thermostat from the things list.

@WB70 - I can actually do one better than that. I turned on the Diagnostic tool and the log capture this morning after the first failure. So I should have a bunch of log data.

I happened to read a ton of this thread yesterday (like the last 1000 posts) and noticed that trick.


I’m guessing you are Android. Swipe down on the screen when you see the blue circle.

That was a bit too simple, thanks very much. I was convinced it was a permissions issues.

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Nope just an Android bug. After the first time you select the device you will see the HTML Content and the Android bug message that the developer inserted. After that, you have to force stop ST to see the HTML data again (all nest Devices). Another version of NST Manager will allow you to access the HTML differently and not from the device itself so that you can access it anytime you want.

I have been successfully running NST manager for about six weeks now. I am getting a notification that an update to 5.26 is available. I am presently running 5.23.

I have scrolled back about five pages to see if there are any simple instructions to update. Do I have to delete and re-install the app or is there a simple update process.

Well I did the following and it seem to work.

Deleted, replaced and published the NST manager
Deleted, replaced and published the NST automations
Deleted replaced and published the handler for NST CAM

It does not appear there are any changes to any of the other device handlers.

It all seems to be working.


When I see the word Deleted this makes me cringe. I’m assuming you just mean that you deleted the existing text in the code and pasted in new code from GitHub. Am I correct in that assumption?

If you were to Enable the GitHub Integration then you would always know when updates are available and then could simply login to IDE and Press on the Update from Repo button for the “nest-manager” repository and then select the SmartApps / Device Handlers that need to be updated / published and saved and this will keep your code in sync without the need for manually copying / pasting code ewch time.

Someone posted that GitHub is now supported in the UK. I’m not sure if the exact same process / workaround is still viable, but you would follow all of the GitHub instructions (creating account, etc and then enabling it in your IDE). Then you would create the Repository and then modify all of the Code you already added and add the Repository to each SmartApp and Device Handler.

Read carefully:


After you have performed all the GitHub site specific stuff, to enable, if in the US, you would press on Enable GitHub Integration button on IDE, and if in the UK, you previously had to use this link (that may have changed if it is now supported) SmartThings. Add a little smartness to your things.

After you have successfully enabled this, open the NST Manager documentation for setting up the NST Manager Repository (remember, since you already created your code, it doesn’t point to any Repository because it’s not enabled, so after this, you need to manually update the SmartApps and Device Handlers to point to this Repository so that you can perform update from repo in the future).

NOTE: After you have enabled and created the Repository, DO NOT press the Update from Repo until you have updated the existing code with this Repository as I stated in paragraph above, otherwise you will have everything show up in the New Box when Updating and if you select those, you will create a duplicate set of code in IDE and his is a NO NO. I have seen this happen too many times because attention to detail was not followed, so make sure that you follow the process to a T and if you get stuck, ask more questions.

If it makes you feel better this will be remedied in v5.3

Which one of my thousand posts is that in reference to Anthony? :grinning:

Lol. My bad
I was referring to the deleting and updating of code

Ahhhhh. Ya, I think people are going to freak out and love this little piece! Life made sooooooo much easier.

Can I refer to it as Bad Ass Installer?

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Speaking of which i pushed out updates to the beta