Broadlink RM pro or Harmony

If you wanted one to turn on/off your old TV with alexa which one would you buy?

There is not much info out there about the Broadlink RM pro.

You can have my Harmony remotes when you pry them from my cold, dead hands.

(read: Harmony hands down…)


Harmony for me.

I haven’t used the RM Pro but from what I’ve read, it isn’t even close to Harmony’s capabilities. I vote for the Harmony.

I’m not really after the remote part more so the ability to tell Alexa to turn on a TV.

The RM Pro is much cheaper.

You can get just the Hub for $50 or even cheaper on EBay.

  1. If all you want is to turn the TV on and off, I would get a SwitchBot remote. In fact, I just did. :sunglasses: very easy set up, already has a smartthings integration, works very well, and costs under $50. See the following thread:

Switchbot - Simple “power on” for some TVs (IR blaster)

  1. If you want full voice control of the television, like being able to change the channels, and you also want to control other devices like curtains or electric candles, I would definitely get a Harmony. But the set up can be very tedious because you have to create individual activities for the actions that you want, it’s not a button press paradigm. Price varies wildly over the course of the year, so you may want to wait for a sale if it costs more than $110.

  2. If you want full voice control of the television for fire tv options, including the ability to turn the TV on and off, I would get the new fire TV cube. (This model can turn the TV on and off because it includes an IR blaster. The other fire TV sticks, etc., cannot.)

This one is a button press paradigm, you’re just replacing voice controls for the buttons on the remote. (In fact, I have this, too, but for a different television. :smile:) Lists for $119, but is often on sale for about 90. Doesn’t work with the wide variety of non-home theater devices that Logitech Harmony does, but if you use Amazon prime and you just want home theater control, this one’s good and much easier to set up then harmony.

  1. At this point (late 2019) I would not get a broadlink pro unless I needed to control 433 MHz devices, like maybe a projector screen. It’s way more work to set up than the previous 3, and you get less functionality out of it. Plus you need an additional Android device in most cases, so it ends up costing more than the SwitchBot.

How does the fire tv cube control a old TV? Is it using IR…

Thanks for the reply JD :slight_smile:

The fire TV cube includes an IR blaster, just like the Harmony does. My TV is a Panasonic from 2001 and it works fine with that.

I never got the RM to work. Love my Harmony Hub. Walmart often has them on sale for $50-$60 bucks.

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I bought my two on sale at Amazon (hub w/remote) for less than $60 each.

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I bought mine more than 4 years ago and it is still working like a champ. The hub stopped recognizing the remote but I can still control it with Alexa and my phone or WebCore without any problem. Not many things still work as designed and feel modern after 4 years but the Harmony hub does. It was the best $90 bucks I ever spent - and as others have noted they are cheaper now if you are patient.

I don’t even use the remote that came with the hub. I still use my Directv remote and Roku remote for simple navigation (and my phone, if I can’t find the others, lol.) My hub is mainly for turning devices on/off and switching inputs.

I have several RM units, a Pro and the Black Bean IR only units. The Alexa Broadlink skill can be a bit flakey to set up, but once it’s going it works well. For SmartThings integration I use IFTTT. Does it for me, but, as usual, YMMV!