Broadlink rm pro configure p2p blocked

I am trying to configure an RM Pro so that I can assist my elderly parent in her memory care facility. They have an excellent and secure (Cisco) wifi setup, complete with peer-to-peer (p2p) blocking. Unfortunately P2P blocking prevents communicating between smartphone and the rm pro for configuration control.

What is the best method to configure the device?

Can it be successfully pre-configured by setting up an imitation wifi (without P2P) and performing the configuration on the imitation wifi, then physically moving to the real wifi?

By configuration do you mean getting it to learn the different codes to do things? If so from what I remember when setting mine up the codes etc it learns is stored on your device and not the broadlink rm pro itself. After getting the RM PRO to learn to turn the tv on and off I had to go into the econtrol app on my device and hit share to other phones in WLAN, and in the device I wanted the codes I had to hit import from shared phone in WLAN.

They do have a cloud share option, never tried it.

In terms of configuring the device itself all it remembers is the wifi network you connect it to. That’s it.