BRK First Alert Hard-wired Z-wave Smoke Detectors... coming Summer 2022 (hopefully)

Just sharing for the community’s interest:

Bottom line: BRK First Alert Hard-wired Z-wave Smoke Detectors are reportedly in the works, finally. They were due out this summer, but… COVID. They hope to have them by Summer 2021.

I wrote to BRK/First Alert a few weeks back the following:

I’ve been waiting for 6 years after upgrading our home’s detectors to BRK FA hardwired detectors for your company to come out with an option to have a ZWave enabled (smart home) detector that can be HARDWIRED into my current system. You still do not have one!

So many have been troubled by this problem of making your otherwise good, hardwired detectors integrated into their smart homes. Some use a BRK relay and do some fancy electrical work with other Z Wave devices to jury rig an option together, like this:

Others buy a Z Wave device that listens for a smoke alarm, like this:

Why must we go to such great lengths? We want our homes to be smart, using ZWave. We also want the best detectors by you, BRK. So make us BRK detectors that are hardwired (with interconnect) and signal their alerts to ZWave hubs! I’ve waited 6 years. How is this still not a thing? Please get it together.

I laugh out loud at my final sentences on that original email. :slight_smile:

I just received this reply from the company:

Hello Derek,

I do apologize for taking so long to get back with you. Thank you for contacting First Alert support. I will be happy to assist you with your detector question. First Alert is aware of the need for hardwired Zcombo alarms, and I know we are working on that technology. We were due to come out with new technology in May 2020, but that has been postponed until June 21st 2021. If we do come out with this technology, it will be highlighted on our website at that time. We do listen to our customers, and we are always improving.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please respond to this email, or call the number below.

Have a Good Day!


First Alert Customer Service

Fingers crossed! :crossed_fingers:


Very cool. I hope that they’ll be able to interlink with standard hardwired detectors so I only need one for the house…also that they’re going to offer sealed 10-year backup batteries as required here. It looks like the existing zcombo includes a silence feature, hopefully that means I can yell at my smart speaker when the oven trips a nuisance alarm.

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Oh yeah, that’d be cool. I want to be able to yell “Shut up!” at the detector and watch it turn off. haha

I just emailed them for this exact info, then found this thread. I hope it becomes a reality.

I am currently furious with Samsung SmartThings because I have 4 Halo smoke/CO detectors. When the new app came out it nullified two features in the UI; HUSH and TEST. Basically the 2 functions you would want in a “smart” connected detector. Customer support was useless and told me ask the developers in this forum to help me; unfortunately no one has so far.

And to illustrate why this simple function is so helpful.
I recently had one go off erroneously in my house. I checked my indoor cameras and saw no fire (it was a fume that set it off I found out later). I wanted to silence the damn thing and could not. Then my neighbor starts calling me about the alarm going off. I eventually let him (I trust him) and he silenced the alarm for me.

I was thinking of using these things in a vacation home, but without the capability to actually control it remotely, it’s useless. And now the the HALO company is defunct anyway, so I had to find an alternative. At least First Alert is a well-known company with a long history, so if they actually make this product it will be awesome.

I also cannot believe how Samsung upgrades the backend on the SmartThings software and simply nullifies the usability of previous devices. It’s like a big FU to so many of it’s users who have invested heavily in this platform.

They told me it was a custom DTH so they don’t have to support it. Except that DTH was made but the HALO company and it was approved for use by Samsung when the Classic app was still in use. So now they make a new app and simply say, no longer supported?!

I’m not impressed with how Samsung is handling ST overall. I’m hopeful and invested, but they don’t seem to be innovating.

Looks like they still haven’t released anything?


Tagging to follow… I need hardwired Smoke (and Smoke+CO) alarms, and would love them to be Z-Wave enabled.

I just emailed them. I’ll report back. Head’s up: it took over a month for them to reply last time…

Yeah, still waiting. One of my Halo’s started beeping for no reason. Had to reset it. It stopped beeping but now I can’t add it back to the SmartThings network (Zigbee) because it’s a device without a supported handler.

Hello All, here’s BRK’s reply:

Thank you for contacting First Alert support. I will be happy to assist you with your detector question. I was the person who advised you last year that we are aware of the need for hardwired Zcombo units and that we were expecting new technology June 21st 2021, but I am sorry to say that it was postponed again to June 30th 2022.

We have submitted alarms to Underwriter Labs for testing/approval, but will not know now until next year what will be available. I get a lot of customers asking for this, so I have to believe we are still working on this new technology since we do strive to improve. We are still working under pandemic restrictions that I believe have postponed this advancement twice now. I really do apologize for the inconvenience this may cause you.

Someone remind me by pinging this thread in about a year if we haven’t seen 'em come to market and I’ll check back with 'em again.



I just updated the thread title to “…2022…”

Following. Sucks that it might be 2022. I have been waiting for these or another brand to implement Z-wave hardwired smoke/co2 detectors forever.

Yeah, me too. These companies are old and entrenched: aka slow to innovate. By the time they offer Zwave, we’ll be clamoring for the Matter protocol.