Bringing temp back to previous setting?

Looking for some ideas on how to accomplish this:
I have contact sensor on a sliding patio door that the family loves to leave open. When the door is open for > 2 minutes, I’d like the Nest T-Stat to shut down the air conditioning. So far, I have no problem, but here’s where the problem comes in: When the door gets closed, I need the Nest to bring the AC back on to the same setting that it was at before it was shut down.

I would highly prefer to get this done via Webcore if possible as I’m trying to keep all automations happening from there.

Any ideas? Thanks so much!

You could use WebCoRE to achieve this. The capture and restore functionality should enable you to do this. Every time the door is opened for more than 2 minutes it can first capture the settings of your thermostat and store it, then it can shut off the thermostat. Once the door closes it can restore the settings from what it was before. I think it should work pretty well. I personally have not used WebCore, I use the CoRE smart app and it can be done there… I am assuming WebCore should enable it too.

Thanks! I’m new to webcore so I didn’t know there was a Capture & Restore. I’ll look into it…
Dumb question… I know nothing about CoRE- is it something I should look into as well? Or does webCoRE accomplish same?

I think they are both same in terms of functionality. Its just that I never got to use web CoRE, so I am not sure if CoRE is replicated as is or not. I would assume its exactly the same.

Thanks again @ashutosh1982 - you were perfectly correct… I created a piston in webcore and used Capture and Restore. It didn’t work as it should, but I think maybe it’s because of where I placed the statements to restore. It shut down the tstat when door was open for 1 minute, but it didn’t go back on when door closed.

It looks to me like the second If should be separate to the first. Where you have it, it will never execute because it’s within an If that will always render it false. But I’m new to this too, so I reserve the right to be wrong!!

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