Brilliant Control - Claims It Will Work with SmartThings (But still in pre-release)

(Chris) #141

You can pin one scene to the main screen; it is one click deeper to get to all of your other scenes. So fairly easily accessible. I’m happy to send some screenshots when I get home.

Ideally they add multiple swipe through screens that would allow you to pin multiple scenes on the main screen, and allow scenes to be pinned to the wallpaper screen.

I was using the Enerwave mainly to turn on/off the light in my sunroom, or turn off all of my backyard lights after they were triggered on by a door being open. So I was really only using 2 of 7 buttons on the Enerwave regularly, for which the Brilliant is a perfect replacement.


Thanks! Screenshots would be great.

(Chris) #143

This is the wallpaper / idle screen. You can customize the wallpaper, but there are no control elements available on it aside from the swipe actions to control a light or room of lights (two-finger swipe).

A single press anywhere on the screen takes you to the home screen. Here I have my “Back Yard Lights OFF” scene pinned. I’ve proposed that they make this top section swipe-able (like an iPhone), so you could pin multiple scenes or individual devices.

To get to your other scenes it is just one more press to the ‘Scenes’ button in the tool bar above to get to your full list of scenes. I also asked the get rid of, or let you disable those All Lights On/Off scenes. Not very useful in a fully equipped smart home, and the WAF can go down the drain if you accidentally turn all the lights on when she is in bed. These scenes also replicate to every other Brilliant you have. While that is also a great feature, it would be great to be able to individualize and prioritize per controller, since you likely use different scenes in different rooms.

So not as one-click as a physical button scene controller, but with those non-existent (officially supported devices) for ST, and this having many other features, for my application it works.


These are all excellent suggestions you made.


Thanks again.

Until they make the scene order customizable it will not work for my application. Also, having an on and off button for each scene instead of one toggle takes too much space on the screen and makes it impractical for replacing a 5 button scene controller. Hopefully those features are coming and I may revisit this.

Why do you say that there are no scene controllers available for Smartthings? There Eaton and Leviton which are still available.

(Chris) #146

Agree with all of the above suggestions/ improvements.

And I should have said no officially supported scene controllers. Corrected the above.

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Anyone have an idea why this post was hidden? Went back to reference it today and it wasn’t there and had to find in my history. Brilliant Control - Claims It Will Work with SmartThings (But still in pre-release)

(Evan @ Brilliant) #148

Hi @tracyghurst, we’re sorry we missed your messages! For some reason, I’m not seeing any emails in our database from you. If you’re unable to reach us through email, please contact us through our website here: You can also call us 7 days a week at the number on that page.

(Chris) #149

@evan_brilliant and @gaurav_brilliant, the latest update (that added the Motion menu in Settings) really screwed up how the Display reacts to motion events…

While the wording was confusing before, the display previously acted exactly as you would want it to. If I had it set to Display On from 7a-10p, with a motion time out of 5 min, the display would react to motion from 7a-10p, but at night it would stay off unless it was touched.

Now if you set it to respond to motion, it responds ALL the time. This is unacceptable for bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways, etc. where you don’t want to be blinded at night. Please fix!

To make this option easy to understand and functional, I would remove the Motion menu, or limit that to the advanced motion settings, then under Display, in addition to Display Off, and Display On, simply add a third option, Display On with Motion, with the same Alway or Only Between X and Y options. Shorter timeouts are also needed.

As of now, I have had to set my three units to Display Off since this update. This is a huge oversight and I hope it can be fixed quickly (or perhaps I’m missing something in the settings to replicate the desired behavior). It would also be helpful if you could post somewhere high-level release notes for every firmware update so your community of user could provide prompt and meaningful feedback.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #150

Why has the SmartThings Community become a general non-SmartThings related bug reporting forum for Brilliant???

Can’t the Brilliant Team (@evan_brilliant and @gaurav_brilliant) re-direct their Customers to their own support and/or customer forums???

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Hi All,

I am sharing this on behalf of @gaurav_brilliant. For some reason, he was banned for responding to user questions earlier…

From Gaurav:

Apologies for the delay between my posts, but rest assured I did NOT get scared away—someone has to make sure all the bells and whistles requested are being built. :wink:

I want to thank everyone for your feedback, both positive and negative; It helps us build a better product. Many of the topics being discussed here are already under development and as an above poster stated, we have many integrations to support and are prioritizing to make sure they are addressed accordingly.

We release multiple updates a month, so you may see quicker progress than you are used to from other products. Keep an eye out for more to come!

A few updates for everyone:

  • We are working with the SmartThings team to add support for controlling Brilliant Loads, and we hope to have good news here very soon.
  • We will soon be adding support for the SmartThings “switch” capability in addition to Lights and Locks.
  • Please look for an update regarding Hue Groups later this year – we’re on this, rest assured.
  • We are a product-driven company that values your input immensely. Continue to provide your feedback at this so we can make sure to prioritize it appropriately.

If you are already a customer or potential customer and have any questions about the product, please contact or view our support articles at

Here are some links to articles that were requested earlier:

  • Support for sliders on the Brilliant touchscreen is listed here:
  • Support for gestures on the Brilliant touchscreen is listed here:
  • If you have already connected your Samsung SmartThings account and would like to edit/add more devices from your account, please follow the directions here:

Separately, @swamplynx, for your motion settings, thank you for reporting this. In the future, please contact We will be able to better assist you and address your issues. You have found a bug that we will fix in the next release. Thank you!

We are working on providing updates to users for releases as you mentioned as well, stay tuned.

(Benji) #152

@gaurav_brilliant posts got flagged and silenced for some reason, the SmartThings Team has unsilenced him so should be visible again! :slight_smile:


I am very happy with this update and the above posts from Brilliant. By the way all… Nest integration works now!


Does anyone know whether there is any change log we can view? To Brilliant’s credit, I see the product getting updated once or twice a week so far (which is great) but only by checking the switch to see if there was an update. But it would be nice to see what gets added or fixed instead of constantly checking for the things @evan_brilliant and @gaurav_brilliant posted about above.

Also, in addition to Hue groups, I am curious if scene support to change colors of the Hue group is on the roadmap, either through a link to Hue presets/scenes on the Hue Bridge, or directly by selecting colors on the Brilliant switch (which it cannot do now - or maybe I missed it). Would be nice to eventually press a scene button on the Brilliant in the bathroom to select 'deep blue ceiling at 20% brightness" or, better yet, have that scene activated by motion if it is between midnight and 6 am so that its a very dimly lit room at 3 am that illuminates when nature calls and we are half asleep and walk into bathroom. :–)

(Jimmy) #155

Anybody else catch during the cloud-to-cloud sessions at SDC they mentioned Brilliant as one of the companies they were working with?

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #156

Nope - I didn’t catch that.

(Jimmy) #157

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #158

You were paying more attention than me… though it went by quickly.

I was on my tablet working on ActionTiles support during the session :neutral_face:

(Jimmy) #159

The mention of August also perked my ears up, especially for those with the non-Pro model.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #160

SmartThings is definitely making cloud-to-cloud (and device-to-cloud) easier, and the new developer tools for these are officially released.

New API for Local Devices (i.e., “device-to-STHub”) are still undefined. But we’re off topic of Brilliant. Not that generalized Brilliant technical support belongs here anyway…