Brilliant Control - Claims It Will Work with SmartThings (But limited Integration)

AWESOME. One of the biggest show stoppers down!


Yes! It is great to be able to tie them directly into SmartThings. I had previously been using some Alexa integration to control the Brilliant and SmartThings devices together and that worked ok.


It should be noted that if you have any of your brilliant loads connected to a ceiling fan it will not discover into SmartThings.

That’s odd? As far as I am aware, Brilliant doesn’t have any way of controlling fan speed so it just treats it as an on/off switch like a non-dimmable light unless I am mistaken?

Hi, this is Eric at Brilliant - it’s great to see the healthy discussion here!

We did indeed enhance Brilliant’s Works With SmartThings feature set so users can now control a Brilliant-connected light using the SmartThings app.

We appreciate all the feedback leading up to this release and we expect to add more value to the SmartThings’ partnership and integration over time.

Feel free to reach out with additional feedback & questions.


Can Brilliant show a notification of some sort when a SmartThings routine executes, when a SmartThings switch turns on, or when the smartthings mode changes? Use case: i have various SmartThings-connected sensors that put my house to sleep. I want to put this brilliant control panel in the bedroom as a visual confirmation that the house is indeed asleep (doors locked, alarm on, etc). Haven’t purchased yet ($$), and can’t tell from the online info, so would appreciate any help here.

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Viewing the status of SmartThings devices (and Classic SHM armed mode) is popular use case for ActionTiles, in case Brilliant doesn’t have it yet.

However from email exchanges with your support, looks like this only works in the new SmartThings app, and those of us who are unable to move off of Classic, Brilliant is still only one way.

You can use both apps, just set it up in the new app then continue using the old/classic app.

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Unfortunately, that does not seem to work. It does add the devices in the new app, but they don’t work in the old “classic” app - when login to the IDE, the device type of those devices is set to “placeholder”. So there is no valid device handler it looks like.

So cannot control these devices in the classic app.

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What kind of automation are you creating that requires Classic?

I don’t have automations that require classic, but I have devices that are not supported on the new app - that work with device handlers.

I am unable to add Brilliants to simple smartthings routines that I have.

if they are somewhat simple devices with a custom DTH, the dev should update the DTH to work with the new app.

I can control 4 HUE lights in the same room? It was the easiest setup possible?

I am using a 3 switch Brilliant panel in my Game Room.

Switch 1 - 4 Hue Lights
Switch 2 - Ceiling Fan
Switch 3 - Celing Fan Light (Single by design)

Not sure why you guys are having so much trouble.

Uhm, yeah, that was a year ago. :joy:

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Sorry it just says October 10th… LOL

Not to sound stupid but if a smart switch can not work with a smart bulb then how does brilliant control Phillip’s hue & lifx bulbs?

Over the network / internet. It just sends commands to those vendors APIs / integrations, same way ST does. You just don’t hook the load up to be turned on / off by the relay in the Brilliant switch as you would a dumb light / load.

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