Brilliant Control - Claims It Will Work with SmartThings (But limited Integration)

Has anyone seen this new product, claims to control SmartThings and Wink, as well as Echo built in.
Brilliant Control


This looks really interesting. I’ve never heard of this product before.

Still in pre-order. No way to know what features it will actually have until it’s actually shipping. A number of products have promised SmartThings compatibility before launch that didn’t actually deliver. :disappointed_relieved:


Looks very cool, especially if the light/motion sensors could be exposed to ST for triggering. Much sleeker than Multisensors hanging in the corners… And built in Alexa? Sweet.

Everything looks cool in pre-release. That’s how they get your money. :wink:


There was an post on this earlier today


Oh, I did a search, but missed this one. Thanks

More vaporware. :cloud:

For the indefinite future, of course.


“$50 off every Brilliant Control…”

My Android control tablets cost less each than that ‘savings’. And control far more than a single circuit, while providing system-wide information.

Oh, and I don’t “dig for” anything. Nowadays, I’m mostly just talking into the air: “Alexa, turn the corner lamp to 15%”

Agree with many of the points but worth keeping an eye on it. It certainly looks to have a solid set of features and if you break down costs, we’re already paying close to this in a room for less capabilities today.

Light switch
Fan switch
Sonos control
Video intercom
Echo dot (wish it was GH)
Motion sensor.
Wall Touch Panel

We’re probably all doing a version of the above (minus the video intercom as not too many polished DIY solutions out there) in the core rooms.

I personally would love to see this take flight. Enable core set of features in a wife approved bundle.


This is almost identical to Bright Switch’s product which is finally supposed to ship next month.

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Has anyone got one of rhese yet?

Still in pre-release, unless someone was in a beta program:

Our pre-order campaign has SOLD OUT! A big thank you to our early customers - we have been blown away by the demand and enthusiasm. We are now working hard to get those to you by late November, 2017.
Brilliant Controls are generally available in late 2017/early 2018.


These are finally supposed to be shipping to preorder customers by start of March. Pretty stoked and made a bigger investment than I normally would with new tech but these have more integrations at launch than a product I have seen. I like the Plum Lightpad but never purchased more than one because of no Hue integration. Brilliant claims to have Hue integration and will be first of its kind to have hard wired power and be smart enough to not kill power to Hue with off command. Super stoked.

The more integrations at launch… the greater the likelihood of issues at launch.

Yes - I compulsively post to warn folks against being early adopters. Patience is a virtue for a reason. Initial releases of all products are inevitably underwhelming, with very few exceptions. Amazon Echo, perhaps; but that was from a $692 billion company - vs the $21 million Brilliant.

As usual, I don’t want to be right and and have no desire for you to have a poor experience … but there’s a 90% chance that you will not be very happy “by the start of March”.

(I wonder if there’s a bookie who’ll take bets against crowd-funded and other pre-sale gadgets :thinking:.)

I don’t particularly disagree with you but I’m betting on only one aspect of it working so my expectations are quite lower than most people. I bought Plum Lightpad because they were supposed to have Hue integration coming and it never did. Well, Brilliant claims to have it out of the box. If that works as they claim all the rest is icing on the cake. If it doesn’t I’ll be extremely pissed off and sell on EBay immediately and probably only take a 15% loss based on experience with Plum. Hell, you can still sell Plum 80 cents on the dollar and it’s been stagnant for a year unless you count Alexa integration which seems like a requirement these days.

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But I will be shocked if I get them by March or even April.

Anybody receive one of these yet?


Anyone have any new info from Brilliant?? These are starting to look like vaporware.

Gadgets of this level of sophistication take years to get to market. There are countless unforeseen problems and no amount of funding (well, short of being Amazon or Google) can bypass that.

I wonder if anyone has collected accurate delay (and failure) statistics for crowd-funded or pre-production “gadgets”. Those statistics would help new projects post better ETAs in their campaigns, choke, … LOL - they never would do that… The optimistic ETAs is how they suck in the most funders.

The latest product that I’m 80% certain will fail, and 99% certain will have substantial delays is Atmos. The CGI demo is extremely unrealistic and even with their “over-funding”, the company is extremely underfunded.

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