Brightest Setting for LIFX Bulbs?

Hi brainstrust

I have an outdoor LifeX smart bulb and need to set it to the brightest white setting. I’m not familiar with Temperature settings etc, so I’m not sure what to set these things at for maximum brightness.

The lumen output is independent of color temperature, but the human brain doesn’t perceive it that way. We tend to see redder colors as dimmer, balanced colors as brightest, and blue whites as dimmer again even though they are technically brightest. (Think of a cool white science lab.)

So to get light that SEEMS brightest, choose between 4,000 and 5,000 kelvin, just below where it turns “cool”.

These images are all the same brightness by lumens, but most people will say the one in the middle, at about 4500 kelvin is the brightest.

To get light which is actually brightest in terms of revealing detail, just set brightness to 100% and don’t worry about color temperature. :wink:

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