Brighten My Path with Awareness

(Ammo8996) #1

Forgive me for asking, if someone has already asked this question. I’m using the SmartSense Motion to turn on the lights in the hallway at night, but I would like to configure the app not to turn on the lights if the living room light is on. Let me explain more…

My house is an open floor plan. At night we watch TV in the living room - sometimes late at night. Well, if we are watching TV and someone comes down the hallway its not necessary to turn on the hallway lights because the lights in the living room are enough to see down the hallway (A waste of precious electricity). I would like the SmartApp to be aware of what lights are on and off (The few lights I designate). If the lights are off in the living room and it’s past a certain time (Sunset or preset time) then turn on the hallway lights if there’s motion. If the lights are on in the living room and there’s motion, don’t turn on the lights.

(Jim Beletti) #2

Not sure an if, then, else can be accomplished with ST. But, if/when they launch “rule builder”, then perhaps.