Bricking devices

Two switches bricked within a few days of each other.
They have been in use for several years.
What update did you do to brick them I wonder?

And now it can’t find any new switch when I try to add them.
Very happy right now.

Brand/model of the switches? Are you using any custom device handlers for them? If yes, open the device handlers in IDE and Publish for me. There is a known issue where device handlers become stale and prevent new devices from being paired.

As for the bricking - can you provide more details? Were the switches still controllable physically?


GE switches, ZW4005, rev 5.0. It seems to be a known phenomenon, this exact scenario has happened to others as well.
The switches are non-functional i.e. pressing the switch does nothing. The blue LED is flashing.
I found a post saying this could be due to a capacitor going bad. I’m going to try to replace it in one of the switches to test.

See this video: